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classic middle school boys moment

last night, at my 6th grade guys small group, we were getting ready to talk about how jesus is a man we should want to emulate (we’re doing a series called “living as a young man of god“). leading up to that, we first talked about favorite superheroes, and what their strengths and weaknesses were. then i had each guy think of a man they really respect, and would like to be like (at least in some ways). we went around, and each guy talked about the man they respect, a few of that man’s strengths, and at least one of his weaknesses.

but here’s the classic middle school guys part of the story. i have four guys in my small group; and here are the four men they listed, in order:

– “my dad”

– “my cousin’s boyfriend”

– “my grandpa”

– “eddie van halen”

yes, that’s right. eddie van halen.

gotta love it.