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immerse: a journal of faith, life and youth ministry

not long ago, barefoot ministries (the youth and youth ministry arm of nazarene publishing house), now lead by chris folmsbee, acquired the journal of student ministries, and have re-launched it as immerse: a journal of faith, life and youth ministry. the new journal, with mike king as its executive editor, is not merely a title change, but a complete overhaul. it’s something, i believe, very different in the world of youth ministry magazines, with a level of depth and whole-life embrace that fits nicely in the space between purely academic and purely pop. i’m stoked to be a part of the advisory team of this venture, and have written a column for an upcoming issue.
immerse website
download the free preview issue

here’s the little bit i wrote for the preview issue about why i’m excited about immerse:

We’re clearly in a time of deep change, and I expect it’s likely we will always be from here on out. The dramatic changes in the world around us and the world of teenagers calls on youth workers to re-think assumptions, values, practices, models, roles, goals and theology. What’s needed is nothing short of a Youth Ministry Reformation.

The time is seriously ripe for Immerse; and I’m hopeful that this journal will become one of our tribal sweat lodges. We need real-life physical spaces for dialogue, experimentation and exploration. But we also need this kind of collaborative trail of breadcrumbs, a printed resource to host and foment reflection and revolution. I, for one, am full of anticipation about journeying together.

i really encourage you to check it out.

the power of taking time off

i bookmarked this video on mike king‘s blog some time ago, and finally got around to watching it. it’s stefan sagmeister, a new york designer, giving a talk at TED about the power of taking time off.

i often find that i need people who do things more extreme than me to push me to do a portion of that extreme. sagmeister’s regular year-long sabbatical is extreme – but how cool would that be? in the mean time, this is a reminder to me that i have to be diligent in planning my quarterly three-day silent retreats.

i got diligent about this last week, and found a place (and dates) for my next retreat. and it’s now. i’m leaving tonite, after my final ‘leadership coaching program’ meeting with john townsend, and will be isolated and silent through thursday noon. no internet, no cell coverage – nothing but me and god and a small handful of books.