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a snapshot of modern worship

in rob stennett’s fictional “the almost true story of ryan fisher“, he has a hilarious and uncomfortably accurate portrayal of modern worship. katherine, the wife of a semi-athiest (ryan fisher) who has started an extremely successful church plant to make him rich and important, is coaching the worship band (lead by a karaoke singing cowboy who is also not a christian, and, until this point, has been leading pop-culture songs with a few words changed). none of them are aware that there’s a large collection of modern worship songs, until the church starts to grow, and transfer growth brings people who point this out. fantastic paragraph:

and katherine was making the band better. after talking with a couple of members from the church she learned there were worship leaders that wrote songs specifically for god and church. a lot of the music had a british pop feel as if they were watered down, simple versions of u2 or coldplay. and almost all of the songs were essentially about three things. the first: how great-awesome-incredible-powerful-majestic jesus/god is/was/and forever will be. the second: how much we love-thank-adore-worship-bow down to jesus/god. the third: how happy-touched-amazed and pumped up we were that jesus/god saved us. that was pretty much it. there were thousands of these types of songs, yet so many of the lyrics were nearly identical. it was almost as if a songwriter could take one song, change five or six words, and then have an all-new song.