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nick’s kids choice awards

max (my 11 year-old son) wrote a great blog post expressing his frustration over the results of nickelodian’s kids choice awards (which he had been in anticipation of for weeks). pretty funny reading.

here’s a snippet:

for best movie, the nominees were:

iron man
bedtime stories
high school musical 3
dark knight

guess what one won? wrong! guess again… wrong again! one more chance… wrong, wrong, wrong!!! sadly, high school musical 3 was the victor, but fear no evil cause at that moment i swore my vengeance on that movie. and no more shall people have to suffer from the stupid musical singings of zac efron and vannessa hudgens, i promise you good people. my tactics are not violent, only that i will send out energy from my palms which will cause them to be unable to sing any longer and all the cds and dvds of high school musical movies will shatter spontaneously into millions of pieces. you can rest at ease people with good movie taste.