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pic from paris, part 1

my 15 year-old daughter, liesl, and i spent 5 days in paris. i’m going to post a 4-parter of my favorite pics from our trip. this first one, part 1, are my favorite tourist moments:

me, in front of “the thinker” at the rodin museum. i’d not been to this museum before, and it was one of the best things to see in paris.

me and liesl at the top of the eiffel tower.

in front of notre-dame cathedral.

we loved eating in little cafes all around the city. i tried (and loved) new things i’d not had before. this is me about to try steak tartare (raw, minced steak – and yes, that’s a raw egg on top) at a great outdoor cafe on the champs elysee.

liesl enjoyed versailles more than anything on our trip, and this moment of her staring at the ceiling of “the hall of mirrors” was a good moment.