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photo in need of a caption

i’ve been so busy after the nywc that i haven’t had a chance to write a thoughtful post. at this point, i think i’ll wait until after thanksgiving. but that shouldn’t stop us from having a little caption fun!

yup, i grabbed this from the fail blog (and cropped it). but it was just crying out to me: “please, marko, make me into a photo in need of a caption!”

far be it from me to deny such a desperate cry.


ah, thanksgiving week (or maybe just a photo that doesn’t elicit as many responses)… not a lot to pick from yet. but here are the few that rose to the top like little dots of turkey grease in my homemade gravy:

“Behold I stand at the door and knock… what gives?” (God’s rarely seen letter to the church in Springfield.)
marko: wait… matt… were these two captions, or one? i think i like the 2nd half better if i think of it as a caption by itself.

When someone suggested that First Church make visitor-friendly signs for its exterior doors on the east side of the building, it was a long, difficult road, but after 8 intense trustee meetings, 3 deacon meetings, 4 elder meetings, 2 church splits, and a new pastor, First Church is ready to face its next major church decision.
marko: that’s some funny stuff right there. gonna be tough to beat.

“Please disregard this message if you do not know how to read.”

and the winner is…

matt’s revelation-like reference was a very close contender; but i’m gonna give it to tim’s long-winded, convoluted mess. really, it’s just too close to the kind of reality that could create a sign like this. :)

tim, i raise a leftover turkey leg in your honor!