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pansy kidd middle school

seriously, it’s real. pansy kidd middle school, in poteau, oklahoma.
there’s even a wikipedia article that mentions how they’ve “gone viral” with the pic posted on the fail blog (which just happened in the last few days).

here’s the pic from fail blog:

questions this brings to mind:

1. what do the 6th – 8th grade guys who attend there think of the name of their school? do ANY of them think it’s funny, or are they all in horror?
2. has anyone ever seriously considered changing the name?
3. are there any remaining school board members from when the school’s name was originally approved? if so, they should be kicked off, immediately.
4. is anyone else seriously tempted to order a t-shirt or sweatshirt?
5. the school mascot is the “raiders”. compensating for something?
6. wouldn’t one of my readers has to have a better suggestion for a mascot than “raiders”?