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photo in need of a caption

i’ve hesitated about using this pic as a photo in need of a caption. but, c’mon, nothing shows. and, after my ‘loony dook‘ (a.k.a. polar bear plunge) experience in the freezing waters of lake geneva, wisconsin, a couple weeks ago, it just seemed time.

bring it on.



Ron Whitler
Youth pastor Biff realized that canceling this years volunteer training event was a mistake just as newly-recruited Mr. Jones began explaining the icebreaker he had chosen for the annual winter retreat for students.

Jonathan Odom
Nice axe!

In the later years of his life, Marko found that his “kilt-free” loony dook drew less and less of a crowd.

Northern Exposure

jeremy street
oh Im a lumberjack and Im ok…

brian aaby
Acadamy Award Winner Tom Hanks is back in “Castaway 2: Alaska”

Larry Darnell
Circa 2025, The Green Bay Packers reconsider asking Brett Favre to come out of retirement again…

and the winner is…
gonna have to go with othy’s simple and funny “Northern Exposure”. good stuff, othy. i lift my coffee cup in your honor.

photo in need of a caption

call your mother, it’s the first photo in need of a caption for 2011! this wonderful weirdness is begging, on its photographic knees, for captionization, baby.


man, some funny stuff this time around! a group from my nashville coaching cohort helped pick out the contenders…

Jeff Moulton
Oh! Jelly Center! Nom nom nom.

Dude, M. Night warned you to wear yellow.

e. sutter
…she made fun of Elisha…

Lost and alone, the rookie youth worker began to realize this wasn’t a new skit idea at all…

Andy Tuttle
YUMMMMM!!!! The other other white meat!!!!

Voltron – Combine!

Elizabeth’s childhood Care Bear dream has been fulfilled … but her journey to the “The Forest of Feelings” has produced some unexpected results!

RIP Christopher Robin 1985-2011

Heather Campbell
If a bear eats a person’s head in a forest and no one’s around, does the unsuspecting hiker make a sound?

Dave Wollan
Because “only you can prevent forest fires” wasn’t working

Andrew Seely
The annual Teddy Bear picnic never saw Gary coming.

Just when you thought you saw enough Betty White ….


tough call this time. but i’m going with the one that made me and some members of my coaching group laugh the most:

Andrew Seely
The annual Teddy Bear picnic never saw Gary coming.

congrats, andrew. the world raises a glass of whatever in your honor!

photo in need of a caption

i’ve been so busy after the nywc that i haven’t had a chance to write a thoughtful post. at this point, i think i’ll wait until after thanksgiving. but that shouldn’t stop us from having a little caption fun!

yup, i grabbed this from the fail blog (and cropped it). but it was just crying out to me: “please, marko, make me into a photo in need of a caption!”

far be it from me to deny such a desperate cry.


ah, thanksgiving week (or maybe just a photo that doesn’t elicit as many responses)… not a lot to pick from yet. but here are the few that rose to the top like little dots of turkey grease in my homemade gravy:

“Behold I stand at the door and knock… what gives?” (God’s rarely seen letter to the church in Springfield.)
marko: wait… matt… were these two captions, or one? i think i like the 2nd half better if i think of it as a caption by itself.

When someone suggested that First Church make visitor-friendly signs for its exterior doors on the east side of the building, it was a long, difficult road, but after 8 intense trustee meetings, 3 deacon meetings, 4 elder meetings, 2 church splits, and a new pastor, First Church is ready to face its next major church decision.
marko: that’s some funny stuff right there. gonna be tough to beat.

“Please disregard this message if you do not know how to read.”

and the winner is…

matt’s revelation-like reference was a very close contender; but i’m gonna give it to tim’s long-winded, convoluted mess. really, it’s just too close to the kind of reality that could create a sign like this. :)

tim, i raise a leftover turkey leg in your honor!

photo in need of a caption

it’s mariachi time! wait, no — it’s gunslinger time! or, it’s time to celebrate babies! or… wait… uh, maybe they’re just wearing diapers so they don’t have to take potty breaks? whatever the case (and whatever the actual source, which i am clueless about), this has fantastic potential as a photo in need of a caption. have your way…

(thanks to Jennifer Corzine for sending the photo, via email)


some great ones this time! i’ll just list the best of the best (those that made me actually chuckle, not only smile). some great insider-y stuff here too — like, you’d only get them if you’re a regular reader of this blog.

Josh Treece
The Westboro Baptist Church’s latest protest of a YS convention…

e. sutter
In the wake of CSI: Las Vegas, Miami and New York, NBC brings back an old favorite – Baywatch: Guadalajara.

OK who spiked the Communion juice at our men’s meeting?

john mathers
awesome middle school football trick play

Chris Saulnier
What the self employed do on their day off.
(marko: ouch!)

Nursing home VBS

Todd L
Chi Chi’s loss is the parade circuit’s gain.

…And for my second wish, I want you to take the xray vision away.

Jonathan Hobbs
When you lose a bet with Mark Oestreicher….

Kurt J
…When home schooled kids grow up.

and the winner is…

not the same quantity of captions this time around, but some seriously funny ones. so tough to choose! i’m gonna call a tie, just so i can have more than one winner…

for turning a caption contest into a rip on the contest host (me!), Chris Saulnier, with “What the self employed do on their day off.”

and, with his snarky late entry, Kurt J and “…When home schooled kids grow up.”

photo in need of a caption

yeah, let’s start the week off with a bang! bring it.


man, there are some funny ones this time around. i kept laughing today while reading them, as they came in. thanks to all who suggested captions, and keep ’em coming ’til sometime tues afternoon or eve; but here’s my current list of contenders…

Sweden’s got talent

Brett Favre’s day off

The beginning of Rudolph’s inferiority complex…

Todd L
The whole “Pied Tubist” gig wasn’t quite working out the way Klaus expected.

Brian Pengelly
After Captain Hans tragically misunderstood the new “uniforms optional” policy of the Salvation Army he was reassigned to a new rural congregation.

Gary Larson: the college years

Caption above the middle reindeer, “Now that’s a nice flugelhorn!”

dawn patrol/early worship didn’t go so well at this year’s retreat

Brett Evans
John Philip Sousa’s Christmas Eve dream.

(a trifecta from) Chris Saulnier
Dancer and prancer no, no, no don’t make eye contact.

Cover photo of John Tesch’s latest album.

Reindeer placement is more important than you think.

Al Ronberg
Every now and then, Santa wanted a turn on the Naughty List!

this was the hardest contest to choose a winner in a while. so many truly funny submissions! but, since my son max went into detail during the carpool this morning, describing the photo and quoting Chris Saulnier’s “Dancer and prancer no, no, no don’t make eye contact.” word-for-word, i’m gonna have to go with that one. it made me laugh out loud more than once.

photo in need of a caption

yeah, let’s caption this kitty. an all-new prize this time around: the admiration of two or three other readers. ok, that’s a lie — it’s the same prize i offer for every photo caption contest. bring ’em on (and keep it clean, or i’ll delete ya).


Bank of America employees contemplate their Halloween after-party options.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”

“Yes, Frank, I heard what she said. I am looking it up on Urban Dictionary right now… let’s see here, Plushenked? Plushenko? Plushgun? OK, here it is… Plushie…”

what, a cat can’t use an atm in arizona?

Andrew Seely
The remake of Point Break went horribly wrong when they could no longer find president masks.

Chris Saulnier
“Don’t taze me bro”

“I already told you, I’m not a flasher. I walked up to teller and she said, ‘Please insert your ATM card. Strip down, facing me…’ And so I did…”

Jeff Moulton
I knew I should have chosen a different costume … who knew there would be another cop?

Yes, yes. That’s right. I’m the new super villain, Kitty Galore.

Chris Holohan
Hey Frank, check it out. Now we can do multi-check deposits.

and the winner is…
let’s try this again. i wrote this part, naming a winner, days ago. but i must not have saved it correctly or something.
so, a tough choice again this time, with a few that caused me to make “out loud noises” when i first read them (my original “contender qualifier”, in the early days of these posts; but i decided there were too many snarky and brilliant captions that didn’t produce an outloud response, that i need to modify that rule).

but, i’m gonna go with dave’s creative, political humor in “what? a cat can’t use an atm in arizona?” professional grade there, dave. you should be in marketing. we raise a glass o’ sumpin’ to thee.

photo in need of a catption

yes, the spelling in the post subject was intentional. yes, it’s childish and would never get chosen as a winning contribution. you’ll have to do better than that to win the admiration of a couple dozen people (which, by the way, is the grand prize)!


some really good ones in the running this time around!

Linda B
the convergence of 27 Iives

brian aaby
300 Points!

Phil (deeply cynical, but funny!)
It’s a church board meeting. Everyone has their blow horn to be heard, blinders on so they can only see what is in front of them,( not whats around them), and no one from the outside can get into the circle.

Eric Altson (nerdy, but good! dude, you even got the little dots over the ‘o’!)
Schrödinger’s later attempt to solve the classic paradox.

Um, not seeing that the dish is better than cable…

The youth pastor’s latest object lesson to explain the trinity.

sorry, you were in my blind spot.

Chris A
Scooter wondered how well the mind-meld was working and whether the others could sense his hairball coming on too…

I guess you’re wondering why I demanded the Cone of Silence for this meeting.

joe t
even amish cats believe in shunning.

and the winner is…

tough call this time, but my gut says to go with the simple-but-funny, “sorry, you were in my blind spot” from leslie! yeah, luters! a raise a glass to thee.

photo in need of a caption

i hadn’t planned on posting today. but, darn it, i feel like a caption contest! so that’s just what i’m gonna do! bring ’em on.


Marvin Nelson
Narnia Fail: Lucy Plays for Tumnus

David Sims
Gretchen’s rendition of ‘Stand Up For Jesus’ was known to be the best in the tri-state area.

Miley Cyrus, ten years later… performing at produce stands near Branson

Talk about youthworker stereotypes … musician, dancer, and goatee.

adam mclane
“And then we ate it.”

things Dumbledore fantasizes about…

Jonathan Hobbs
The Creation Festival had very humble beginnings…

In Season 4 of HEROES, new character Helga struggles to find the usefulness of her particular “gift”.

Travis Sharp
Knowing they will be on The Ark for 40 days, Noah’s daughter begins working on some entertainment.

Appalachian Idol tryouts

Chris Weber
No, Bishop, I didn’t think this morning’s liturgical dance piece was over the top at all. Which part was it that bothered you?

and the winner is…
another tough one to decide – there were some great captions for this one! i’m just gonna have to call a tie (in order to include my two favorites):
Rob, “Miley Cyrus, ten years later… performing at produce stands near Branson”, and adam mclane’s “And then we ate it.”

gentlemen, raise an imaginary iGlass together in a toast to your awesomeness, and i’ll pick up the iTab.

photo in need of a caption

ah, tuesday morning. my only day in the office this week. so, let’s have a caption contest! winner gets a big attaboy or attagirl, and the admiration of dozens!

(thanks to rob craig for pointing this bad boy out)


Ryan S.
Attempting to fill the void left at the cancellation of “The Flying Nun,” ABC is set to debut this fall Father MicMichael, in “The Flying Father.”

Trey Bledsoe
Before chair lifts, the Germans invented a means, patterned after a hot air balloon, to fart your way back up the mountain.

Charlie Brown: “Linus WAS right! Although the Great Pumpkin is not quite was I expected.”

What Tic Long was doing between his transition of YS and YS.

Todd L.
“Pope-ing” the half-pipe

the flying nun has not aged well!

Jeff Moulton
Does this make my butt look big?

Kirk Moore
#23 on the list of times one can fart with no one noticing.

and the winner is…

a TIE!

Todd L.
“Pope-ing” the half-pipe

the flying nun has not aged well!

congrats, todd l. and lester! i raise a glass of sumpin’ to you!

photo in need of a caption

ah, yes, monday. i have a half dozen overly serious posts swirling around; so let’s start the week with this. the prize, as usual, is absolutely stunning: it’s the admiration (and possible even jealousy) of everyone else who didn’t win. bring on your best captions!


John Freese
runner-up in the breast cancer awareness float contest…

Michael Kane
I love trust falls

Trey Bledsoe
Legion…The Musical

henry cesena
The Pink Flower is hoping for the Bee to land and continue the Cycle of life.

Chris Webe
No, Bishop, I didn’t think this morning’s liturgical dance piece was over the top at all. Which part was it that bothered you?

Andrew Seely
Finally, “the sex talk” gets interesting.

some great ones this time, but i’m gonna call the winner as…

andrew seely, with “finally, ‘the sex talk’ gets interesting.” freakin’ hilarious, andrew. i raise a cold something-or-other to you!