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photo in need of a caption

i had a busy and somewhat stressful day yesterday. so i think i need a few chuckles generated by a photo in need of a caption. no big prize — just the pride of knowing you’re a WINNER! best caption, judged subjectively by little ol’ me, wins a pile o’ pride (the good kind, not the sinful kind).


Tim Mauriello
“I find your lack of filtering disturbing.”

I hate chores, if I hadn’t tried to kill Luke… he’d be doing this now!

Jeff Myers
Darth Wader

Jeff Myers
The problem with the tie-fighters is that they tend to overheat…

Effects of the galatical recession.

Trey Bledsoe
Coolest youth ministry relay race ever…

Daryl Lucas
These aren’t the plankton you’re looking for.

and the winner is…

i sure do like all of these, and they make me smile again as i read them. but i have to go with the simple wit of jeff myers and his “darth wader” on this one.

all hail jeff, grand champion of this round of ‘photo in need of a caption’. we salute you and your winningosity. hoist a cup or glass of something to yourself, now.

photo in need of a caption

this one from miranda bailey and matt reeve. let the swine flu captions commence! best one (swine flu or other) wins the ys book of yer choice.



Joey — You can’t imagine what her teen years will be like…

Josh — This week on Toddler Fear Factor

Molly — hamthrax

Chris Saulnier — Hey, Hey, Hey stop that. You don’t know where that kids tongue has been.

Jeremy — What a father sees when his daughter dates in her teen years.

brian aaby — Cheating on Kermit.

Howard — And so began Jimmy Dean’s love of pork.

scott b — this kid watched charlotte’s web one too many times.

Chris — Applying for a job at the Center for Disease Control is not as easy as one would think.

jeremy street — Old Mcdonald had a flu, e-i-e-i- eww….

jeremy street — The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, PETA edition

and the winner is…

(sorry, travel to korea caused me to forget to pick a winner until now!)

jeremy street — Old Mcdonald had a flu, e-i-e-i- eww….

funny stuff, jeremy. shoot me an email.

photo in need of a caption

i’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation for this photo. but for our purposes, that explanation is: week two of our weekly march of photos in need of a caption. whatcha got for me? best one wins the ys book of your choice.


(photo by roderick perkinson)


The separate worlds of agriculture and Ewoks finally collide.
Comment by Joel Mayward

Down on the farm of the Flying Walendas.
Comment by Sue Havenor

Farmer Trust Building Wilderness Weekend
Comment by Kevin I

I want a helicopter, a million dollars, and a plane to a non extradition country.
Comment by cal

Members of the she-goat woman-haters club.
Comment by jonathon m

ONE…cut a whole in a box.
TWO…put your goat in that box…
Comment by Jeff Myers

Youth retreats in Narnia.
Comment by Jeff Myers

Mr. Chompers could only pray that the zombies wouldn’t be able to figure out the pulley system.
Comment by Jeff Myers

David Blaine’s greatest stunt yet
Comment by Gordon

After this trial run, Noah realized just how much bigger the ark would need to be.
Comment by Hannah

Time to call in the “Goat Whisperer” to talk him down
Comment by Todd


Youth retreats in Narnia.
Comment by Jeff Myers

once again, jeff! you’re not going to have any need to actually buy any ys books! shoot me an email.

photo in need of a caption

i have a whole bunch of “photo in need of a caption” posts in my drafts – like a dozen of them or so. so, i’m going to post one a week until i run out! yes, it’s a pinoac bonanza!

that also means there’s a free ys book that’s going to be given away every week.

let’s start with this little gem. whatcha got for me?

Wyoming Wildlife

(ht to rob craig for the photo, via email)


some really funny ones this time around! props to you all!

Two Buck Chuck!
Comment by Rob

This “I only work one day a year” crap has got to stop, I am tired of making old man Clause’s beer runs!
Comment by othy

Hey is that Steve on the wall in there?
Comment by Andrew Seely

I know I don’t have antlers, but I swear that ID is real!!!
Comment by Bob

Yeah, I’ll take a 6 pack of Budweiser and an opposable thumb.
Comment by jeremy street

Most elaborate hunting stand… ever!
Comment by lukefish

Deer pressure.
Comment by Jeff Myers

“oh hey! you’re mclovin the 25-yr-old organ donor!”
Comment by scott b

Dang! I brought the doe, but forgot my ID
Comment by Brian R.

We’ll take a six pack of Stag!
Comment by Jeff Moulton

and the winner is…

once again, i’m going with the short and funny:

Deer pressure.
Comment by Jeff Myers

rock it, jeff. shoot me an email.

photo in need of a caption

this one thanks to scott ball (via email). you know the rules: best caption gets the ys book of your choice.


Pastor Smith wanted to make sure the youth pastor would never park in his spot again.
Comment by Jeff Myers

First Time Visitors Parking
Comment by Dj

behold the United Methodist Book of discipline.
Comment by riddle

Would have been cheaper just to use a sign that says “Deacon parking only”
Comment by Chris Saulnier

the real reason Marko has taken to public transportation.
Comment by rooster

exegesis of a parking sign
Comment by Ken MacDonald

The real reason for the YS Office move.
Comment by Kevin I

Parking in the Old Testament
Comment by Kevin I

Wednesday Night: A can of Coke gets spilled on the carpet in the youth room.
Thursday Morning: Youth Pastor pulls into the parking lot where he notices this sign in front of his/her paking spot with a note attached from the janitor reading “Coke doesn’t belong on the floor…just like your car doesn’t belong here.”
Comment by Kyle

“AND…don’t even get me started on the parking situation around here”-Christian Bale
Comment by Todd

The Episcopal Church welcomes you…
Comment by Molly

This season on LOST…
Comment by Katie

Compliments of Dwight Schrute – Assistant to the Regional Parking Manager…
Comment by Dusty

Calvinist Parking only: If we choose to give you a ticket, you Aren’t One!
Comment by Marvin Nelson

“Birth Control”
Comment by Kurt Brandemihl

Reserved parking at FEMA headquarters
Comment by John

Wanda looked up from her ‘72 Datsun and, recognizing it to be the sign she had been praying for, cursed God and died.
Comment by John

and the winner is…

“Birth Control”
Comment by Kurt Brandemihl

concise and minimal, creative, funny! let me know your book choice, kurt!

photo in need of a caption

with a hat tip to jeremy, who sent me this pic posted on carlos whittaker’s blog, this photo needs captions. just needs them. best one wins the ys book of yer choice.


desperate for customers in these tough economic times, sea world unveiled its new kiddie ride wednesday to mixed reviews. cat lovers were especially critical.
Comment by Rob C

I hatez kidz. I hatez water. I hatez kids more. I free!
Comment by Jim V

“me ow”
Comment by brock

Ten bucks say the cat sticks the landing
Comment by Chris Saulnier

Then the spaceship made this giant sucking sound and we never saw the girls (or Fluffy) again.
Comment by steve

Overcoming her fear of water fluffy just couldn’t handle the screaming girls any longer.
Comment by rooster

this is how God kills kittens…
Comment by Kyle

“Toonces, the diving cat.”
Comment by Jeremy

Underdog’s newest attempt at finding a partner goes wrong as Undercat doesn’t quite understand the concept of being the “hero”…
Comment by Brian R.

Comment by brian aaby
[ysmarko: ah, the simplicity of this one!]

Angela’s $7000 cat learned the hard way what happens to bad kitties.
Comment by Libby
[ysmarko: libby scores with a timely reference from this week’s episode of “the office”!]

and the winner is…

let’s give it to libby, for her timely pop-culture reference; and because libby hasn’t won a caption contest here before! libby, shoot me an email.

photo in need of a caption

i’m sure there’s some good explanation for this old skool photo. but let’s just have fun with it!

best caption gets the ys book of yer choice.


holy cow — i thought there might be the occasional “ass” comment on this one, but i had forgotten the floodgates that would open when youth workers are given permission to slip in a double-usage of the word! ha. you guys crack me up.

ok, here are the ones that have really tickled my funny bone so far…

Why do I have to carry the pinata?
Comment by Jeff Myers

He ain’t heavy…he’s my burro.
Comment by Jeff Myers

Saving Private Ryan’s Ass
Comment by Jeff Myers

Eddie Murphy’s voice: Are we there yet?
Comment by Jeremy

“Lions led by donkeys” is a phrase popularly used to describe the British infantry of the First World War and to condemn the generals who commanded them. The contention is that the brave soldiers (lions) were sent to their deaths by incompetent and indifferent leaders (donkeys). The phrase was the source of the title of one of the most scathing examinations of British First World War generals, The Donkeys by British historian Alan Clark. The origins of the phrase pre-date the First World War. During the Crimean War, The Times of London wrote of the British Army, “The Russians say we are lions led on by asses.” The Times recycled the phrase as “lions led by donkeys” with reference to French soldiers during the Franco-Prussian War. There were numerous examples of its use during the First World War, referring to both the British and the Germans.
Comment by Andy Jack
(ysmarko: i had to include andy’s simply because it’s the single longest caption ever submitted in a photo caption contest! andy thought this was a “create an article that goes along with photo” contest!)

“I left 99 and all I could find was this.”
Comment by William

Tom Hank’s next project: Band of Burros
Comment by Jeremy

Christopher Robin still has “issues”
Comment by Rob
(ysmarko: this one made me laugh out loud and almost shoot coffee out my nostrils this morning at the coffee shop when i first read it!)

I’m protecting him from weapons of ass destruction.
Comment by Jeremy

The 1938 NYWC had some innovative giveaways in the the convention center, and if it’s free, youth workers will take anything.
Comment by Bob

Does this ass make my butt look big?
Comment by Todd

The bitter truth of why John McCain is a Republican.
Comment by Len

Matthew 11:30 – For my yoke is easy and my burrow is light.
Comment by Ben

How do you explain this Vietnam flashback to your shrink?
Comment by Murphy

Private…hurry up or we will have to leave your ass behind.
Comment by Murphy

annie liebowitz’s “the democrats march out of 1984? remains an unsung masterpiece in her body of work.
Comment by Rob C

and the winner is…

wow — great crop of captions this time, and LOTS of them! quite a few rise to the top as the ‘cream of the crop’, so to speak. but i just don’t think i can get past rob’s Christopher Robin still has “issues” for pure, twisted creativity and comic value. rob, you and your issues win. email me the book of your choice and your address.

photo in need of a caption

a little post-election fun!

the real story: in the race for the colorado state senate, district 14 in denver had two candidates named — yes — bob bacon and matt fries. see result here. but this photo just screamed for a photo in need of a caption contest!

you know the drill. at my whim, i choose “contenders” over a three-day period, then declare a winner, who gets the ys book of their choice.

bring it on!

(ht to dave palmer for the photo)


There will be no trimming of the fat in this election. (Andrew Seely)

It was clear that the Governor of Colorado R. Mcdonald had made some progress in the political arena. (othy)

It appears that the Adkins movement continues as Denver voters overwhelmingly reject carbs. (Bob)

Bacon – 63%;
+ Fries – 37%;
= Bacon Fries – 100% delicious (Swish)

Time for an artery stimulus package… (cal)

This year, the youth vote proved their powers at the polls in unpredictable ways. (Rob)

“as you all know- this was a three way race until Susan Eggs dropped out of the race. Now it looks like Mr. Bacon will bring indeed bring himself home.” (Jay) (ysmarko: dude, nice old skool commercial reference!)

“The Race For The White House Slowed To A Jog, Then Stopped For A Breather, And Eventually Walked The Final 3 Miles.” (jeremy street)

Ironically, the biggest donors to both campaigns were health insurance companies… (Jeff Moulton)

An end finally came to the ugliest campaign battle in the nation. You had Fries accusing Bacon of really being Canadian, and Bacon accusing Fries of really being French. (Jeremy)

In a shocking twist, Kevin Bacon wins the election with only 3 degrees of separation. (Chad Farrand)

I voted with my gut. (Andrew Seely)

canada finally sticks it to france. (jess)

Bacon: An American Story (brian aaby) (ysmarko: nice!)

and the winner is…

yeah, i’m gonna have to go with jess’s “canada finally sticks it to france.” nice. shoot me an email, jess, with your address and book choice.

photo in need of a caption

here’s the real story on this one. but, looks like a photo in need of a caption to me! bring it: best one, based solely on my personal bias, gets the ys book of yer choice.

(ht to jim sparks for the photo and link, via email)


wow, you guys were fast today! 60 submissions by 2:30 in the afternoon!

don’t look a gift tree in the horse (Andrew Seely)

Treehugger!!! (Jeremy)

Who knew Ents liked horse. (Jeremy) (ysmarko: nice geeky LOTR comment!)

Officers think speed was a contributing factor, although Yoder swears that he hit a patch of ice. (Brad) (ysmarko: fantastic! nice that you didn’t over-explain it!)

“Charlie the Unicorn and life after Candy Mountain, tonight only on ET.” (Rob)

Hey Wilbur-ur-ur. I can hear the ocean! (Jeff Moulton)

Horstrich (Kirk) (ysmarko: simple and weird!)

Peep shows on the farm. (Jeff Myers) (ysmarko: this one actually made me laugh out loud)

I don’t know what’s worse: the puking or the hangover. i am never going out with the budweiser clydesdales again. (Seth)

The Tree of Knowledge Bites Back (Chad Farrand)

Venus Horse Trap (jeremy street)

Treebiscuit (Brian R.)

ok, time to pick a winner!

there were LOTS of great ones this time around. you people rock. i had such a tough time deciding, in the end, between these two…
Officers think speed was a contributing factor, although Yoder swears that he hit a patch of ice. (Brad)
“Charlie the Unicorn and life after Candy Mountain, tonight only on ET.” (Rob)

that i’ve decided to call it a tie, and award the prize to both of ’em.

brad and rob, shoot me an email with your address and book choice!

photo in need of a caption

what it really is: the mustachioed water polo team of croatia.

what we’re using it for: a little photo in need of a caption contest! winner gets the free ys book of your choice.

(ht to brandon early, via email)


“That’s No Snicker Bar” (Geron Brown)

Tired of living in the shadows of Mario & Luigi, Aldo, Beppe and Giovani go to make their mark on the world stage. (joe t)

“Men, you need to ask yourself, ‘What Would MagnumPI Do?” (Chad Farrand)

…that’s what she said. (Nikomas)

“My mustache used to be THIS big.” (Joel)

four out of five agree, that seeing the water is the first step to recovery. (Chris Cummings)

Rehearsal’s for the new Vegas show…Borat’s Bathing Beauties! Niiice!! (Jeff Myers)

“Why does the fish get bigger every time coach tells this motivational story?” (brian aaby)

some things look better in HD. (jess)

“I told you idiots it would drown the horses” (Brock)

just another day at the YS office… (James)

a mustache… two inches of dignity. (jess)

Lucky for us the coach didn’t dress out that day (pbj)

one word: manscaping (Molly)

What do you mean we can’t get Marko’s latest book? (Gman)

and, da winner is…

a mustache… two inches of dignity. (jess)

i almost went with a couple others that made me laugh more, but this one is both funny, and has a bit of poignancy to it! seriously, these poor guys didn’t choose their uniforms. they need something to cover up with. and don’t we all, from time to time, need a little mustache (either literally or figuratively) to give us some dignity!?

shoot me an email with your book choice, jess.