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simon hall

simon hall is the leader of a wonderful emerging church* in leeds, UK (*alt. worship, as they call it there), called revive, and a significant part of great change that’s happening in the changing church in england. i’m sure he’ll be at greenbelt this weekend (wish i was!), leading worship or seminars, or drinking tea outside the tiny tea tent. probably all three of those.

a dozen year ago or more, jeannie and i took a trip to denmark, where i spoke at a camp, and simon brought his young worship band to lead the music (the band was fronted by then-14 or 15 year-old corrinne bailey rae). we became fast friends with simon, and have stayed in touch over the years (he visited our home in san diego a year or two ago). we have always annoyed him by singing the old SNL mike myers kid-in-a-bathtub bit: “hello, my name is simon, and i like to do drawrings…”

as part of packing for our move, jeannie and i were going through old boxes of photos stashed away in our garage, winnowing down the stack to a fourth of its size. and i came across this pic of me and simon. our hosts at the camp had taken us all out, one day, for a sail on a nearby lake, on a huge old boat.

don’t you love simon’s femme pose, and my dorky closed-eyed wonder? don’t even know what i’m holding — a danish sea-worthy cup of coffee??