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one sentence true stories

love, love, love this. a blog devoted to one sentence stories. oh, and they have to be true stories (for this site, that is). it takes a bit of thinking to develop a story in one sentence, something with a bit of teeth, with character(s), with an arch (or the tease of an arch).

here are a handful of my favorite examples from the site:

I learned to believe a person when they say, “Trust me, that’s flammable.”

If there was ever a good time to stop drinking, it was this morning when I woke up next to a woman in a giraffe costume.

If I had known I was going to accidentally turn my head to face yours at just the right moment, I would have chosen a much more romantic setting than a Walgreen’s parking lot.

As the man sitting next to me on the plane bragged about how he had died three times, I crossed my fingers and quietly prayed for us to land before number four.

oh, this one is great — so rarely can so few words tell so much:

My spare tire was also flat.

and, here are a few of my own – true stories from my own life!

It was an unfortunate moment to realize i was losing my grip on the flagpole rope, as i looked up at the sleeping bag containing my friend.

Standing in front of a classroom containing the girl i was wooing, in a school that was not my own, i knew there was no backing out once i sang the first note.

When the smell from the battery was too much to bear, we pulled a stick of deoderant from a duffel bag and swiped it across the skin just under our noses.

come on — let’s make this a contest! add your own as a comment, and i’ll award a “ys book of your choice” award to the best one! i’ll close the contest and announce a winner wednesday night.

(ht to neatorama)

and the winner is…
this was really hard! there were so many fantastic ones – 7 of us are on a ys leadership team retreat, and i kept reading them to everyone as they came in as blog-generated emails to my blackberry.

so, tough call, but i’m going to give it to kristi, for:
As an 8th grade girl walked in from the yard with her teeth in her hands, I realized that 8 people jumping on one trampoline was not the brightest idea.

let me know what book you want, kristi.