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tips for avoiding swine flu

this just in…

mcsweeney’s has a list called

Tips for Avoiding Swine Flu.


– – – –

Don’t share drinks with livestock.

Disinfect your sty.

Wash your hands before and after eating garbage and dead insects.

Drink lots of fluids, but not the stuff that’s been sitting in the trough for the past two weeks.

Cover your snout when you cough.

photo in need of a caption

this one from miranda bailey and matt reeve. let the swine flu captions commence! best one (swine flu or other) wins the ys book of yer choice.



Joey — You can’t imagine what her teen years will be like…

Josh — This week on Toddler Fear Factor

Molly — hamthrax

Chris Saulnier — Hey, Hey, Hey stop that. You don’t know where that kids tongue has been.

Jeremy — What a father sees when his daughter dates in her teen years.

brian aaby — Cheating on Kermit.

Howard — And so began Jimmy Dean’s love of pork.

scott b — this kid watched charlotte’s web one too many times.

Chris — Applying for a job at the Center for Disease Control is not as easy as one would think.

jeremy street — Old Mcdonald had a flu, e-i-e-i- eww….

jeremy street — The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, PETA edition

and the winner is…

(sorry, travel to korea caused me to forget to pick a winner until now!)

jeremy street — Old Mcdonald had a flu, e-i-e-i- eww….

funny stuff, jeremy. shoot me an email.

can we chillax a little bit about swine flu?

artflumaskman, this whole swine flu thing sure seems to be overblown to me. cnn.com had a great commentary piece by jack cafferty yesterday. in it, he writes:

More than 13,000 people in the U.S. have died of complications from seasonal flu since January; and it’s expected to continue killing hundreds of people a week. In total, about 36,000 people a year die from the flu in this country; and worldwide, the annual death toll is somewhere between 250,000 and 500,000.

there are 257 cases of swine flu identified, worldwide, with 1 death in the US and 7 in mexico. hardly seems like a level-5 epidemic to me.

what do you think?

(btw: if you want to check if you have swine flu, here’s a handy little online app that will tell you, with a very high level of probability.)