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growth of facebook

saw this visually-compelling little chart on bob’s blog recently. really, this says more about the times and culture we live in than it does about facebook, per se. sure, i’ve started to hear a backlash against facebook, mostly from hipsters and indie types who don’t seem to like anything that has gone mainstream. and i’m sure something will eventually come along to unseat facebook — that’s not really the point here.

the point is that we live in a time when reaching mass acceptance of a particular technology can take place in 5 years! i’m sure the speed also makes the acceptance less firm, in some ways (as in, there’s likely a corresponding quickness with which this technology will be usurped by something else). one of the things i notice is that the fuel for the fast rise of the most recent technologies has come from youth (whereas the older technologies were forced to go through the slower progress of adult acceptance first), which says something about the leading role of youth culture in the world today.

would love to hear your thoughts…