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growth of facebook

saw this visually-compelling little chart on bob’s blog recently. really, this says more about the times and culture we live in than it does about facebook, per se. sure, i’ve started to hear a backlash against facebook, mostly from hipsters and indie types who don’t seem to like anything that has gone mainstream. and i’m sure something will eventually come along to unseat facebook — that’s not really the point here.

the point is that we live in a time when reaching mass acceptance of a particular technology can take place in 5 years! i’m sure the speed also makes the acceptance less firm, in some ways (as in, there’s likely a corresponding quickness with which this technology will be usurped by something else). one of the things i notice is that the fuel for the fast rise of the most recent technologies has come from youth (whereas the older technologies were forced to go through the slower progress of adult acceptance first), which says something about the leading role of youth culture in the world today.

would love to hear your thoughts…


things that didn’t exist when we were in middle school

scott rubin and i need a little help from you for our middle school ministry book. in the “middle school culture” chapter, we have a list of things that didn’t exist when we were in middle school (well, at least when i was in middle school, in the mid-70s). here’s what we have:

– Cell phones
– The internet (meaning, websites and buying stuff online and everything else that is so completely normal today)
– Text Messages
– IM
– Hybrid Cars
– Social Networking
– “Friends with benefits”
– “Bi-Curious”
– Cable TV
– Digital Video Recording (or TiVo)
– Mp3s and downloadable music
– DVDs
– Hi-Def
– Satellite Radio
– Xboxes and Wiis and other amazing gaming systems (“Pong” was introduced when I, Marko, was a young teen, and “Space Invaders” had just showed up in the commons of a local community college).
– Email
– Spam (the email variety – we had the stuff in the can, made of humans).
– Any kind of camera, video or still, that didn’t need developing.
– Cordless phones
– In-ear headphones
– Ringtones
– Call waiting
– iChat or other video conferencing
– snowboards and wakeboards
– rollerblades
– an African American president and a female Secretary of State
– Airport Security (and National Security levels, and Terrorist threats)
– Internet porn
– snowboards and wakeboards
– rollerblades
– Starbucks
– Viagra
– Plastic Pop Bottles
– X Games
– Energy Drinks
– Home Theaters (?)
– The Simpsons, Spongebob, American Idol and a host of other dependable TV staples
– Reality TV
– Crack Cocaine
– Minivans
– Disposable Cameras
– Disposable Contacts
– Abortion Pill
– Doppler Radar
– Space Shuttle
– USA Today
– Paintball and Airsoft
– Laser Tag
– iPods
– MTV (could be in the “started and faded away” list…)
– DNA fingerprinting
– Artificial Heart
– Fantasy Sports Teams (which are still lame)
– Cloning animals
– The SuperBowl as a kind of National Holiday (I’m reaching)
– Cutting (?)
– “Walkman” came & went — remember that!
– Suitcases with wheels on the bottom (seriously …. Nobody had em!)
– most piercings… Besides ears…
– McDonalds Playlands

this second list is things that didn’t exist when we were in middle school, then came on the scene in a major way, and have already faded:

– Fax machines
– CDs (seriously – who buys CDs anymore? They’re the betamax cartridge of this generation.)
– Video tapes
– Internet chat rooms
– Really, we could put email on this list, since teenagers don’t use email anymore, except to communicate with parents or teachers.
– Music videos played on MTV
– The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
– The Walkman (pre-mp3 cassette and CD players)

what are we missing?? would love to hear as many additional ideas as you have…

new research on teen preferences, 3 of 5

ypulse had a great summary the other day of some new research about teen preferences in a bunch of areas. i’ll break it into 5 posts. third up: What they think is cool…or hot

– Almost all teens (96%) said text messaging is hot right now

– 91% of teens said Apple iPods were hot right now

– 70% of teens said the Wii was hot right now up from 54% last year and only 21% 18 months ago

– The iPhone came in at 75% to land in the fourth spot on the hot list

– The hottest thing for tweens right now are Apple iPods (92%) followed by the Wii (81%) the DS or DS Lite (77%), downloading music (also 77%) and caring about the environment (71%)