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ym3.0 in the words of dave gibbons

dave gibbons’ new book, the monkey and the fish, is a great look at the kind of perspective and leadership we need in the global church today. i’ll post a longer review of it soon.

but there were so many moments, while reading it, that i felt like i was reading a parallel book to youth ministry 3.0. i had that sense (and i told dave this, in an email) that i was driving down a city street and, at the intersections, noticing another vehicle on a parallel streets traveling the same direction and speed.

i’m starting to sense that some of the stuff i wrote about in ym3.0 isn’t merely epochal, but broader and more fluid than that. one of the places i really sensed this was in a little chart gibbons included deep into the book. the sentences leading up to the chart say:

some of us thought it would be a helpful exercise to list the attributes of jesus — especially those that people through the centuries have been so captivated by — and then list what the church at large is known for. here is what came up with:


don’t misread me here: i’m not saying i have it all figured out, or that youth ministry 3.0 is clearly a reflection of everything about jesus. but i so resonated with the words on this chart, and felt they reflected much of the shift i wrote about us needing. not in every case, but in many of the rows, it would be easy to swap out “youth ministry 3.0” for the left column heading and “youth ministry 2.0” for the right column heading.

monday morning update, february 23, 2009

the weekend that was: oh, what a wonderful weekend. my kids had last week off school, so thursday night my family took off and drove 20 minutes to the mexico border, and 30 minutes past it, to the beach front cabin of some people from our church. it’s certainly not a fancy place, but it’s right on the water, and the weather was perfect. we brought all our own food, and didn’t leave for anything other than walks on the beach. we played lots of games, read books, slept, sat on the deck looking at the ocean, and basically chilled. there is no internet at this place, so i was pretty disconnected (i checked email once a day on my phone, but otherwise kept it off): no blogging, no twitter, no internet surfing (only watching real surfers, right out in front of our place). perfect.

where i am at the moment: back in the saddle. i have no travel for a couple weeks, and am in the office every day this week. i’m overdue for a week like this.

on my to-do list this week: it’s budget time, so i’ll be spending a good deal of time on that. otherwise, i hope to get caught up on email, and spend time with ys staff processing stuff.

procrastinating about: nuttin’, really.

watchmenbook i’m in the midst of: finished dave gibbons’ the monkey and the fish, started and finished the watchmen (which i’ve owned for a couple years, but thought i should read before the movie comes out), and made some more progress on the know it all. i’m also still somewhere in the middle of the short collection of humorous essays called are you there, vodka? it’s me, chelsea.

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: i made a playlist of all my 77s music this past week, and played it continuously. the 77s were my undisputed favorite band about 15 – 20 years ago, and i’m amazed by how well the older stuff holds up.

next trip: nothing for a couple weeks.

how i’m feeling about this week: glad to be around.