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7 sins of re-inventing your youth ministry

jonathan mckee, of the source for youth ministry, puts together a podcast that’s a long-form interview with someone in youth ministry (the podcasts are usually 45 minutes to an hour in length). he recently interviewed me (at our sacramento nywc) about the contents of my new youth ministry 3.0 book, and we had a fun discussion. the podcast came out recently, and is available here.

part of jonathan’s schtick for these podcasts is to ask his interviewees to come up with a list of “7 sins” related to the topic being discussed. so, for our discussion of youth ministry 3.0, i came up with a list of “7 sins of re-inventing your youth ministry”, which we talk through at length on the podcast.

here’s the little list i came up with:

7 sins of re-inventing your youth ministry

1. Assuming everything is fine as is.

2. Assuming youth culture is what it always was.

3. Assuming you have all the answers to what needs to change.

4. Assuming change should be a democratic process.

5. Assuming everyone will easily be on board with change.

6. Assuming more is better.

7. Assuming teenagers really dig cool programs and nifty youth facilities.

what do you think? any you’d add?

there’s great discussion going on around these over at the youth ministry 3.0 facebook group (with almost 1100 members now!).

oh, here’s a clarification i wrote on #4, which seemed to create some confusion for people:

there’s a difference between discernment and democracy. democracy assumes everyone has a vote, and that decisions are made merely by the result of the vote. this is NOT the same as discernment.

certainly, i believe discernment should be a communal process (i write about this a little bit in the book). but even deciding who should be a part of the discernment process requires discernment!

bottom line: we want to discover what god wants for our ministries, in the context in which we find ourselves. the holy spirit is not bound to voting, and seems to more often speak with a still, small voice, through marginalized and introspective kids (and parents and leaders), and in unexpected ways.

make sense?

for more on this, mark yaconelli has some great stuff on communal discernment in “contemplative youth ministry”, as does tim keel in his great book, “intuitive leadership”.

ym3.0 interview on mckee’s podcast

jonathan mckee, the dude behind the helpful youth ministry site the source for youth ministry, produces a long podcast (45 mins – 1 hour) each month. the one that went live a week ago is an interview with me about reinventing your youth ministry (really, it’s about the stuff in youth ministry 3.0).

you can check out the podcast here.

according to jonathan’s site, the “highlights” of the podcast are:

* Find out which one of these three guys does NOT have a tattoo.
* Listen to Brandon verbalize how to get from “sizzle to fizzle.”
* Discover what affinity, autonomy, and identity have to do with youth ministry today.
* Hear some theories why so many of us feel like sometimes we “just aren’t making a difference.”
* Find out why “a sense of belonging” is important and how you can foster it in your group.
* Learn some of the pros and cons of having a middle school ministry that’s separate from a high school ministry.

one of the things jonathan does for these is ask his interviewee to prepare a list of 7 sins. like, for mine, he asked me to be ready with “the seven sins of reinventing your youth ministry.” so, that’s covered in the podcast, and i’ll post those sometime next week also.