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top 7 reasons today is a big deal

7 is, of course, the holy number. so, in keeping with that, here are the top 7 reasons today is a big deal:

  1. it’s the beginning of a long weekend (well, if you live in the states — sorry to my global friends).
  2. it’s the early bird deadline for The Summit. prices go up twenty clams tomorrow. here’s the snarky, manipulative email The Youth Cartel send out about it this morning.
  3. it’s the last day to enter the ipad contest sponsored by our friends at the youth culture report. all the details are here — but we’re giving out TWO ipads (one for peeps who follow the instructions at that link, and another to a randomly chosen person already registered for The Summit). i promise you, these are the best odds you will ever have in a win-an-ipad contest, other than the contest where you go to an apple store and shout “i’m a winner” then buy an ipad for yourself.
  4. it’s the last day to enter the contest for a FREE registration to The Summit in partnership with our friends at 30 hour famine. we’ve been giving away a free registration every day this week over on their twitter feed, and as i write this, there are only a few entries so far today (meaning, it would be pretty easy to win!). click here for instructions.
  5. it’s the last day to get free mp3s of ALL 18 talks from The Summit. all early bird registrations automatically receive them. we’re not even sure yet if we’re going to make these recordings available to anyone else.
  6. it’s the 12th day of the 14 day cleanse i’m doing. i haven’t had caffeine or hardly anything in 12 days. in fact, i’ve not eaten anything other than water, carrot juice and apples for 12 days. 12 DAYS I TELL YOU! i can’t wait for monday.
  7. it’s friday!

The Youth Cartel is giving away TWO iPads!

no joke. our friends at the youth culture report — partners of ours on The Summit — are helping us give away TWO ipads. for reals.

here’s how it works. click this link and follow the instructions to “join the cartel” (basically, this means you’re liking us on facebook and joining our email list). that’s it. do that — even if you’ve already liked our facebook page and are on our email list — and you get one entry for one of the ipads. and, if you use the supplied link (after signing up), posting it on your twitter or facebook page, and 5 of your friends use it, you get a 2nd entry.

that’s for the first ipad.

the 2nd ipad will be given away to a randomly selected person who’s registered for The Summit, during the week following the august 31 early-bird deadline. in other words, sign up for The Summit by the early bird date, and you’re automatically registered to win this 2nd ipad. in contest terms, your chances of winning this baby (assuming you’re registered for The Summit) are really high!

oh, and help us spread the word!

the youth culture report

i absolutely love it when i stumble onto cool youth ministry resources that i’ve never heard of, never seen mentioned elsewhere. i’m a bit jaded, i suppose, and often have a “seen it all” attitude. so finding something i truly haven’t seen before — well, that makes me happy.

finding theyouthculturereport.com was like that. my first exposure to it was when the guy who oversees it said he’d like to be a sponsor of the extended adolescence symposium (to be clear: this is not a “sponsored post” though — i’m writing about the youth culture report because i think you should know about it). at first i thought, “oh man, that thing is butt ugly.” but then i realized, “ah, drudge report.” yup. butt-ugliness, intentional. usefulness, also intentional.

the youth culture report is a collection of links to news stories youth workers should be aware of. that’s it. straight forward. it’s not auto-generated via key words, so an actual human being is making sure each article linked is truly worth it.

i’ve been checking in on the youth culture report for over a month now, to make sure i really liked it before i recommended it. in the mean time, i downloaded both the iphone app and the ipad app. i’m finding i use those even more than the website — they’re quickly becoming a go-to app when i’m sitting somewhere and have about five minutes to kill (wasn’t that tactful?).

anyhow, i really encourage you to check it out, if you’re a youth worker or the parent of a teenager.