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interview with tim schmoyer

podcast_144the podcast interview i did with tim schmoyer the other day is available as a free download now. i enjoyed the format, since tim moderates, but it’s a free call-in, and lots of other people talked and asked questions. what you can’t see when you listen, though, is that 50 of us were also on a live online chat, typing in comments as the discussion went on. that was a combo of serious stuff and smack talk.

click here to get to the episode in itunes, or here to listen to it steaming online.

according to tim’s blog, some of the things we talked about were:

* Experiential education
* Enabling community
* The process of changing to 3.0
* Joining God in His work
* Cliques and small groups
* Contextualizing ministry for sub-cultures
* A lot more…

live youth ministry chat


i’ll be joining tim schmoyer on his “live youth ministry chat” this friday to talk about youth ministry 3.0.

this is a great little resource tim offers on his site, life in student ministry. each friday at 2pm eastern, tim hosts a conversation on a particular youth ministry topic. it’s free to join in, and is a basic conference call line, where anyone can fully join in the conversation. for a listing of past conversations (most of which are available for free download on itunes), as well as some of the other upcoming conversations, click here.

the call this friday is at 2pm eastern. the call in info is: (724) 444-7444 and enter ID 19105# (it’s free, but in the modified words of ryan seacrest, “long distance charges may apply”).

a few interesting thingamabobs

tim schmoyer has lauched the “online missions trip”, which he’s calling a free missions trip. it’s a facebook campaign for youth ministries. interesting idea — check it out here.

adam walker-cleaveland started a little viral twitter thread, called “twitter of faith“. his description:

Twitter of Faith: What do you believe? You have 140 characters – give us your statement of faith in 140 characters. #TOF

you can go to this link and see the 140-character or less statements of faith created by others (assuming they tagged their tweet with #TOF), or this link, which aggregates both tagged #TOF tweets as well as those that use the words “twitter of faith”. interesting challenge, really, to condense a belief into so few words!

mark matlock wrote a really helpful and thoughtful piece on internet predators on the ysblog. if you haven’t read it yet, it’s here. a good piece to point parents to.