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the new phone books are here!

so, i still think steve martin’s movie, ‘the jerk’, is one of the funniest movies ever made. jeannie and i still quote it all the time:

– there are CANS in there!
– i was born a poor black child
– i don’t need anything… except this ashtray

and, of course…

– the new phone books are here! i’m SOMEBODY now!

and that’s a little how i felt when i noticed i had a few incoming links today from the church relevance blog, and their annual survey of the top 100 church blogs (usually plus extras — this year, +41). i’ve actually found this list more than merely interesting this year, as i’ve referenced it several times in some of the consulting work i’m doing.

but this year, whyismarko actually made the list! woo-hoo! i didn’t quite make the 100, albiet; but thankfully, those extra 41 were included. and i came in at a very happy 104.

the much bigger news that my little blog making the list is that the list finally seems to be acknowledging the many excellent youth ministry blogs out there. last year’s list only had 2 (adam walker cleaveland and josh griffin). but this year’s list has 7 youth ministry blogs, including:
adam walker cleaveland (pomomusings), at #39
tim schmoyer (life in student ministry), at #88
youth specialties blog, at #89
mine, at #104
josh griffin (more than dodgeball), at #112
jonathan mckee (the source for youth ministry), at #127
and ian macdonald (youthblog), at #128

kent shaffer, of church relevance, uses a different set of metrix than adam mclane used when ranking the top 20 youth ministry blogs (and, while the youth specialties blog is run by adam, his personal blog should have easily made this top 140 church blogs list also). but i’m just happy to see 7 youth ministry blogs on the list.