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the best of 2008: tv and movies

of course, there is great subjectivity in saying “these were the best movies and tv shows of 2008”. with that understanding…

the tv shows that regularly captured my imagination this year were (there are a few others i usually watch, but these are my favorites):
the office
30 rock
the amazing race
lost (yes, i still like it, and can’t wait for it to return in a few weeks!)

and the movies that stood out to me where, in no particular order (some of these may have been 2007 releases, but i saw them in 2008):
the visitor
marley & me
under the same moon
burn after reading
the dark knight
august rush (my review)
the darjeeling limited
no country for old men
U2 3D (my review)
juno (my review)

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still to come:
– the best music of 2008
– the best family moments of 2008
– the best ministry moments of 2008
– my favorite ysmarko posts of 2008

new research about teen preferences, 1 of 5

ypulse had a great summary the other day of some new research about teen preferences in a bunch of areas. i’ll break it into 5 posts. first up: TV

– TV consumption among teens is up slightly to an average of 11.9 hours a week

– Teen boys watch more television than teen girls averaging about an hour and a half more (13.2 hours a week)

– For tweens (8 to 11), the average amount of television consumed during a typical week is 12.2 hours with tween boys watching about 14.5 hours. (during the school year)

– Three of teen guys’ top five favorites are animated led by “Family Guy” followed by “The Simpsons” and “South Park”

– “The Office” moved up nine slots to the third most popular show among all teen males

– Biggest mover for teen girls: “ABC Family’s Greek,” which came in tied for eighth

– For tween viewers, “American Idol” is no longer number one. “Hannah Montana” is while Idol dropped about 15 points

– For tween girls, ABC’s Dancing With The Stars moved up four notches to land in the fifth spot.

– For tween boys (8 to 11), it’s all about “SpongeBob” and “Zack & Cody.” The biggest mover was the ABC comedy “The George Lopez Show,” which shot up 10 spots to secure the seventh spot