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twitter terms you don’t need to know

whether you use twitter or not, you’ve likely noticed that an entire lexicon of twitter related words has sprung up surrounding the micro-blogging phenom. recently, mashable listed 66 twitter words you probably don’t need to know. the opening paragraph asks: Having twissues with your twerminology? yes, twitter peeps think we’re funny. deal with it.

follow that link for the whole list o’ 66; but here are a few choice ones:

occasionitter: an occasional tweeter

twaffic: Twitter traffic.

tweetaholic: someone addicted to Twitter, so much so that it may be an actual problem.

twitosphere: community of twitterers.

twittectomy: an unfollowing of friends.

twitterati: The A-list twitterers.

twitterpated: to be overwhelmed with Twitter messages.

twitterrhea: the act of sending too many Twitter messages.

(ht to chip gillespie)