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ukulele version of ‘teenage dirtbag’

yes, i have a history of bashing the mighty-but-tiny uke.
a brief history of our relationship:

the newest dangerous trend amongst teenagers: my first uke post, after exposure to the tiny troublemaker at a youth camp.
clarifying my ukulele position: pretty much what it says it is.
no ukes: the t-shirt i inspired!
rock that uke: an extremely snarky post reviewing a dvd about ukes and uke players. this one got some very angry responses from uke afficianados.

but, alas, i have matured. or i have been worn down. or i’ve seen the light. or something.

i’ve also been a fan of the little indie pop-punk band wheatus for some time now. so, when i discovered this video of the ukulele orchestra of great britain playing the only wheatus song that ever got radio play – teenage dirtbag – i felt my internal ukulele tectonic plates shift. an internal uke earthquake, resulting in a uke-tsunami of enjoyment.

so, here, without a hint of malice or even a tiny uke-string of snarkiness, i present this gem for your uke-sumption: