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support “team oestreicher”

jeannie, liesl, max and i are all walking, next saturday, in a wonderful walk-a-thon called “walk their walk”. it was conceived by a friend of ours in san diego who went on one of the trips to africa i got to be a part of with world vision a few years ago. she’d seen the difference that schooling and clean water makes in a community in africa, and wanted to make a difference in one of the communities we’d visited: twachiyanda, in zambia.

last year, the first year of walk their walk, we raised money to complete a school in the community, and this year, we’re hoping to raise enough support to pay for two clean water wells. it’s a completely volunteer run event, with no expenses whatsoever; so 100% of the funds raised go directly to the well project.

we’re all walking 12 miles in solidarity with children in zambia. 12 miles is an average distance children in zambia walk to get to school.

here’s the info my family put together for our fundraising page:

Thank you for visiting our 2008 walktheirwalk fundraising page. Please consider sponsoring our family as we walk 12-miles on Saturday, September 13, 2008 to raise funds necessary to build fresh water wells in Twachiyanda, a community in Zambia.

Zambia is an arid country and the community of Twachiyanda is located in one of the driest places within Zambia. 40% of people living in Twachiyanda lack sustainable access to safe water supplies. The people of Twachiyanda, mainly the women and young girls, must walk five to six miles to collect water for their families, and in many cases the water they collect is contaminated. When people have compromised immune systems as a result of HIV and AIDS, drinking contaminated water could be a death sentence. Our personal goal is to be apart of the life saving solution of providing fresh water to an entire community of people. Will you help us make this happen? Some personal thoughts from each of us:

Hey everyone! Max here.
I’m supporting walktheirwalk because I think that children in Africa should have healthy living conditions like we do. Now this won’t fix everything, but it’s getting somewhere. And clean water does a lot for health. I will try to walk 12 miles. Will you support me? Thank you!

Hi. It’s Liesl. I first heard of the need in Zambia for clean water 5 years ago. I’ve been involved in raising money for this cause since then. Last year I participated in WalkTheirWalk. It was cool how much money we raised so we could help rebuild their school. This year i’d like to walk the full 12 miles and help raise enough money to build two clean water wells. Please sponsor me! Thank you and peace out!

Hi. It’s Jeannie. I loved being involved in this walk last year. I loved walking with the people of Zambia, working with them toward health and sustainability. As Liesl mentioned, this effort has been part of our family’s life for several years. Will you join us? Will you join these beautiful people in Zambia and walk with them? Your support is very appreciated. Thanks.

marko here. i’ve been to zambia twice, including once to twachiyanda; and i’ve seen the difference that clean water wells make to a community. literally, it is the difference between life and death. without these “boreholes”, villagers walk miles to a dirty water source daily, either carrying their children, or leaving them without supervision. and the water they retrieve from these arduous daily treks is full of diseases. i’ve also seen the joy of a community with a well. the picture on the side is me with a village elder, celebrating the opening of a new clean water well. please consider supporting our family as we support this amazing cause. thanks so much!

Please support us by making a tax-deductible donation on our web page. Donating is simple and completely secure. World Vision will use these gifts to build fresh water borehole wells in Twachiyanda. YOU can be the difference in a child’s life and future!

would you consider supporting our family in this walk?
click through here to our support page, where you can make a secure, tax-deductible donation.
or, click through here to see more information about walk their walk and the project this year.