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photo in need of a caption

no, seriously, this is one of the weirdest photos i’ve seen in a while. totally random. so i expect that some of you will nail a caption contest with stuff that is wonderfully random. continuing our few-month-long weekly wednesday photo caption contest…

(best one gets the ys book of yer choice)



Rob – “we’re gonna need a bigger boat”

Brad – So they do the greased up watermelon game at cat church camp too

Jason C – When this thing hatches, I’m gonna eat like a king!

David – I shall call you Carl

Jim King – On the next episode of Lost…

cal – A picture of what goes on inside Paris Hilton’s head.

jeremy street – 20,000 Fleas Under The Sea

Russ – You are not supposed to leave. The island brought you here. It is your destiny.

Jeff Myers – …At that moment, the old cat bent down, picked up the watermelon, and threw it back into the ocean. “Made a difference to that one,” he replied.

Rob – the fantasy life of a vegan dog

Jeff Myers – On day 62 of being stranded on the island, Dog began to wonder why Cat was always staring at him.

Kevin I – Jim’s list of what two things he’d need if stranded on a desert island should have been a little more practical.

Dan – The side of Ted Nugent’s target practice range the media didn’t show you.

Phil – I hate my life

joe t – After the photos of frolicking on the beach with a watermelon were released, Cutie was asked to step down by the archdiocese.

Rob – With the tide begining to rise, Milo hopes Otis arrives soon with the vodka.

Larry M – Fluffles was full of regret, and would do anything to get that third wish back.

and the winner is…

good stuff this time around! tough call. but i’m goin’ with one of the last ones submitted:

Larry M – Fluffles was full of regret, and would do anything to get that third wish back.

nice one, larry m. shoot me an email.