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win a free “Cartel Panda” t-shirt from The Youth Cartel and WhoopTee

the fine people at WhoopTee asked us if we’d like to give out some free t-shirts. “heck, yes!” said we.

then months went by, because we’re distracted sorts of fellows here at The Youth Cartel.

eventually, i whipped up this playful wee design, with a little help from Banksy. we call him the “Cartel Panda.” and we’re going to give away five of them, completely free!

cartel panda tshirt photo

if you want one, here’s how you enter: tell us (promise us!) where you’ll wear it if you win. we’ll pick five from comments here on whyismarko and The Youth Cartel blog. it’s that easy!

deadline for entries is this thursday (tomorrow!) at 1pm, pacific.


adam and i laughed our heads off reading the entries. it was TOUGH to narrow it to five. actually, we realized we have six. so here they are:

D. Scott Miller
I will wear it in November at the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis. Not only will I wear it where 20,000 youth are gather, but also where thier adult leaders are also present. Most importantly, ReBuildMyChurch partner Tony Vasinda will be there dying of major jealousy that I am wearing the shirt!

David Van Dyke
I will wear it to a Wheaton faculty meeting in the psychology department.
They (we) need the cartel!

Sam Halverson
I will wear that amazing shirt with pride at the Princeton Forum on Youth Ministry in April where I will be attending various ym training with many, many youth ministers as well as the mentor ship training (also at Princeton) AND at the Bahamas Methodist Habitat mission trip in June FOLLOWED BY the North Georgia Annual Conference (also in June) where many North Georgia UM leaders will be hearing about youth ministry in our conference. I will also wear it at the NYWC in Nashville in November, followed by The Summit in Atlanta (also in November). Whew.

Jill Laufenberg
Visiting the Panda’s at the Philadelphia zoo with water guns in both my hands.

I would wear it while preaching int eh main service. Oh man, I will get in so much trouble…

I would wear it in a house.
I would wear it with a mouse.
I would wear it in near and far
and on a train and in a car.
I would wear it here or there.
Heck, I would wear it with my silk underwear!
I would wear it, though it’s weird,
I would wear it AND Marko’s beard!

each winner needs to do two things:
1. fulfill their promise and send us a photo (or post a photo on facebook and tag the youth cartel).
2. send adam your address and shirt size ([email protected])