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with the wide variety of stuff i’m doing these days (speaking, writing, consulting, coaching), i knew it would be helpful to have a website to point people to. there have just been too many times in the last few months where i didn’t have a communication tool other than my blog or email, in order to let people and organizations know what i can help them with. so, thanks to the patient wizardry of mclane creative, it’s time for the official unveiling of markoestreicher.com.

i thought long and hard about the url, knowing that so many people struggle with the spelling of my name. but the easy options (marko.whatever) were all taken. so, in addition to markoestreicher.com, i bought markoswebsite.com. if you struggle to remember the spelling of my name, i hope you can remember “marko’s website [dot] com”. there are pages for the various things i’m doing these days, as well as my current speaking schedule, and an easy-to-use contact page. there are also links to this blog and my facebook page and stuff.

let me know what you think!

my current speaking schedule

i’ve just opened up the rest of this calendar year for speaking and consulting opportunities.

here’s my current schedule:

forest home junior high winter camp, forest falls, ca, 22nd – 24th
salvation army youth worker event, mt hermon, ca, 26th
forest home junior high winter camp, forest falls, ca, 29th – 31st

world vision u.s. (consulting), federal way, wa, 2nd & 3rd
forest home junior high winter camp, forest falls, ca, 5th – 7th
christ in youth (ciy) “mega-church” youth worker event, destin, fl, 9th & 10th
junior high “disciple now” event, first baptist harvester, st. charles, mo, 19th & 20th

youth worker gathering and youth night, oakwood baptist church, new braunfels, tx, 17th
“seismos” youth worker gathering, canton, oh, 21st – 23rd

especialidades juveniles instituto intensive course, guatemala city, guatemala, 8th & 9th
reverb” middle school event, md, 16th – 18th

ft myers youth worker network event, ft myers, fl, 1st & 2nd
salvation army youth worker event, orlando, fl, 3rd & 4th
lcms youth workers and pastors events, ann arbor, mi, 5th & 6th
western michigan youth worker gathering, holland/grand rapids, mi, 7th & 8th

mississippi umc youth event, ms, 9th

i still have space to add something in february, a couple things in march and april, and one or two things in may. then, i’m mostly wide open starting in june.

if you’d like to consider having me join you for a speaking engagement, please email tim grable: [email protected]
if you’d like to consider having my join you for a consulting engagement, please email me directly: [email protected]