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monday morning update, january 12, 2009

the weekend that was: i’ve been in san antonio, texas, for our ys one day premiere. our process of developing the content for ys one day (previously ‘the core’) is rigorous, messy, and time consuming. but i think it’s a big part of what sets this training apart: it’s not just one person’s seminar thoughts. ys one day is collaboratively developed by a team of writers and presenters, and goes through multiple stages of writing, testing, and refinement. when we get to this final test (the premiere), we hope to have it finalized, but find there are still, always, lots of changes to make. this time around, we made tweaks and modifications to three of the four sessions, and completely scrapped one and re-wrote it. we tested the day, with a different presenter for each of the four sessions, in front of the volunteer team from the youth ministry of a large church here in san antonio. all of our team who are here (about 15 of us) sat in the audience and took copious notes. then we met saturday afternoon and much of sunday, giving input and reworking. now, there is a smaller team of us (4) who will stay on a couple more days to complete all the final rewrites, getting the day into its final form.

i love the people on this team, and we have a ton of fun together also; but we work really hard. i’m exhasted and brain dead.

i did catch two movies this weekend, after the evening broke up. both were excellent: gran torino really surprised me. i thought it would be a good tough movie about a scrappy old dude confronting gangs in his neighborhood. what i didn’t expect was how funny it was, how 3-dimensional the characters would be, and how much stunning christian imagery would be in the film. it’s really a film about forgiveness and redemption. i also saw valkyrie, which was better than i expected. it was intense, despite generally knowing the outcome. i loved learning about a true story i hadn’t really heard before.

finally, a few of us took a mental break sunday afternoon to watch the san diego chargers pittsburgh steelers.

where i am at the moment: still in san antonio, working on the rewrites for ys one day. we’re scheduled to fly home on wednesday, but i’m hoping we’ll be able to leave tuesday evening.

on my to-do list this week: first half of the week is ys one day work; second half of the week is catching up on stuff in the office.

procrastinating about: as i write this, i’m procrastinating on the writing work i have to immediately get to for ys one day. i think i can acknowledge that i’m also in a procrastinating phase when it comes to reading. normally, i’m jazzed to have some time to grab whatever book (or books) i’m in the middle of. but for the last month or so i’ve been very unmotivated to read, and find myself playing solitaire on my ipod during flights, while my book sits in my seat back pocket.

book i’m in the midst of: a.j. jacobs’ the know it all. fun book.

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: not sure anything particularly caught my attention, but i’m diggin’ on some mellow, vibey bebel gilberto remixed as a write this.

next trip: a week from thursday i fly to san juan, puerto rico, for the especialidades juveniles (spanish ys) cumbre (summit). in latin america, we have 6 or 7 “regional youth specialties” that are ys for their country (we have these in chile, argentina, paraguay, peru, costa rica, guatemala, and puerto rico — which is the newest. i think uruguay is just now coming online also). each of these host their own national event for youth workers each year. i’ve never been to puerto rico, and am really looking forward to being with our team there.

how i’m feeling about this week: mostly good. i a bit too tired and weary (physically, emotionally, mentally) to say i’m pumped up or anything like that.

monday morning update

the weekend that was: 1/2 in detroit, 1/2 in san diego. friday night was our last night in detroit, and we spent it playing laser tag with my parents! really, it was hilariously fun. saturday was a long day of travel, with the delays that some more normal than not. we got home just in time to listen to the overtime of the san diego/indy game on the car radio (GO CHARGERS!). a little pick up stix, and the day was done. sunday morning, i was wide awake at 6am, and got a little work done before heading to breakfast with a friend. it was a first for me on two fronts: i rode my new sector 9 longboard into town, AND i fell off my new sector 9 longboard. i was going too fast on a downhill, and just don’t know how to stop yet! i jumped off, but was going faster than i can run; so, tumbling commenced. i have scraped knuckles on one hand, and a slightly stiff knee. but mostly i’m fine. just have to figure that thing out, or admit my age — one or the other! i got to church, which was great, then spent the afternoon pulling together all the chapters for the middle school ministry book. was so great to upload the final manuscript at 110,000 words (which is more than 400 pages, for the finished book; don’t know what they’re going to do about that yet). sunday was also my anniversary with jeannie (23 years!), so we went out to dinner together, which was nice. talked about our hopes for this year, and we got tired by the time the evening rolled around, skipped our plans for a nice dinner out, got thai carry out, sent the kids to the back house, and cuddled while watching a pay per view movie. ah, the romance is strong after 23 years. :)

where i am at the moment: in the office. we have a couple days of ys leadership team meetings, to help me prep for a meeting i have with my boss this thursday. it’s good to be back in the office.

on my to-do list this week: oof — busy week of meetings. our leadership team is meeting to talk about ys and our future, and my boss is coming to town wednesday evening. friday, i fly to san antonio for the ys one day premiere.

procrastinating about: nothing! i finished my stinkin’ middle school ministry book one day early! (of course, i have tons to do on it still — lots of bits and bobbles.)

book i’m in the midst of: last christmas break i read three or four books. but this year, with my writing deadline, i just didn’t read. so, i’m a few pages into the know it all, but really haven’t read much in weeks.

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: spent some time listening to reeve oliver and the knees — both great bands most people haven’t heard of.

next trip: our ys one day premiere (“the bible: bring it on!”) is in san antonio, texas, this coming saturday. i fly friday, and several of us are staying through ’til wednesday to get any last minute rewrites finished, along with the outlines for the handbook.

how i’m feeling about this week: a little stressed.

monday morning update

the weekend that was: enjoying my christmas family holiday in the detroit area. this first half of our trip was spent mainly with my wife’s family. the weekend was low-key. we did see a couple movies: marley & me (which was really great) and the curious case of benjamin button (which was very good, but too long). sunday evening we made the move to my parents, where we’ll spend this coming week. we had a great evening of watching the san diego chargers win the division title by seriously kicking the butts of the denver broncos.

where i am at the moment: in canton, michigan, at my parents’ house.

on my to-do list this week: chillax with my fam. and finish the middle school ministry book.

procrastinating about: my email inbox is nasty, as is my facebook inbox. and i have about 4 or 5 phone calls i really need to make.

book i’m in the midst of: i’m in-between books at the moment. finally finished the speed of trust, and think i’ll start the know it all next.

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: it’s been an uncommonly music free week for me.

next trip: after heading home in a week, my next trip is the ys one day premiere in san antonio, tx.

how i’m feeling about this week: how could i not feel great about a week of play and hanging with my family?

ys one day

so, you might know that youth specialties has been doing one day training events in cities all across america for a very long time. for many who just can’t find a way to get to the national youth workers convention, these local training events are a real life saver.

for years and years, the day was called the national resource seminar for youth workers. a bunch of years ago now we changed the title to “the core”, with a vision for developing a 3 year cycle of training that we would repeat. but youth workers told us they didn’t want that. so, after living with the name that didn’t really make sense anymore for a number of years, we’ve changed the name again, to a plain and simple one:

introducing, YS ONE DAY

i’m part of the team that’s developing the content for this year (we have all new content every year). in fact, i’m writing the first of four sessions. this year’s theme is “The Bible: Bring It On!” our hope is to help youth workers connect with scripture, and equip them to help connect their teenagers to scripture. lots of great stuff planned for the day, around these four sessions:

Session 1: The Word is More than Words

The bible is the living and active word of God. It has authority, power and value in the lives of youth workers and students.

Session 2: Digging Deeper: Uncovering the Riches of Scripture

Digging deep into the word doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming. There are tools and techniques that anyone can use to understand the bible, apply it to their own lives and teach it to the students in their ministry.

Session 3: Chronological Bible Storying: Leading Students into a Fresh Encounter with God’s Word

For thousands of years, stories were the key means for Jewish and Christian people to learn and experience God. Help students to enter into the entire panorama of God’s story

Session 4: Ideas, Ideas, Ideas: More Ways for your Students to Experience Scripture

The bible is not simply a school book, a text book, or an encyclopedia. The bible is a life book, with deep implications for our lives. We desire to help students experience the Word, not just hear it and we’ve collected hundreds of practical tools and ideas to help you do just that.

snacks and a meal are included in the price also. and just a heads-up — there’s a special deal available at the national youth workers convention (for ys one day sign-ups). so, if you coming to the nywc in pitts or nash, look for that.

here are a few more things:

dates and locations

the training team (including who’s presenting in each city)

a pdf download of the flier, to give out to volunteers


monday morning update, august 18, 2008

the weekend that was: mostly packing for our move. we finished unpacking from our vacation, and made the turn. max had a pool part sunday afternoon and evening with 8 buddies from school and their families, so that took much of that day. of course, i watched a bit of michael phelps and other olympic goodness here and there also.

where i am at the moment: home, for almost three more weeks. i’m planning on working this week, then taking much of next week off for our move.

on my to-do list this week: meetings, catching up, re-writing the opening session for next year’s CORE, which we’re testing in san diego on saturday. we also have a ys staff bowling tourney on tuesday afternoon (should be a kick), and a leadership team morning away on wednesday to do some fall planning.

moving update: everything’s on track. i listed a wad of stuff on craig’s list this past weekend and sold a bunch and gave a bunch away. still have a dozen other items i’m hoping to get rid of, so i don’t have to move them myself (even if that means moving them to some donation center).

procrastinating about: i suppose i’ve been procrastinating about this CORE session re-write i have to do. but no more — i have to do it this week!

book i’m in the midst of: the great emergence, by phyllis tickle

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: coldplay, elvis costello, b-52s, beastie boys

next trip: argentina, the first week of september.

how i’m feeling about this week: i picked up a really nasty head cold this weekend, which massively sucks. i’m taking liquid echinacea, vitamin c, airborne, dayquil, and zicam, trying to fight the mutha off; but it’s winning right now, and has me physically worn out. unless i can kick it’s butt, it will really influence this week.