talking about identity

lem usita is a youth ministry name you might not know, but should. lem is a youth pastor at a church, and the youth ministry professor at san diego christian college. he also leads a special leadership program for the college, taking a select group of students through a 4 year leadership development program.

lem is an expert in identity formation (and got his doctorate with that emphasis). he records a podcast called “the identity show.” and recently, we had the opportunity to sit in my back yard after eating plates full of shwarma, and record an episode. here’s lem’s description of our conversation:

Episode 4 features markOESTREICHER. We had a wonderful conversation about identity. He shares some concepts about identity then goes into a personal identity crisis that he experienced a few years ago. Throughout the conversation he just drops some incredible insight and hopefully, I pick up on them enough to highlight them. It was a great conversation, and we will probably have Marko on the show again in the near future.

click here to listen to our conversation, or listen (and subscribe) on itunes.

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  1. Mark,

    Specialist – not expert. Thanks for the link love my friend. We definitely need to have another conversation. Still thinking about some of the stuff we talked about.


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