12 thoughts on “taylor mali on what teachers make”

  1. I’ll have to remember the “I make a goddamn difference” part when someone asks me how much I make as a missionary working with missionary kids!

  2. taylor mali is pretty fun, check out his other stuff on youtube when you are bored, the one about the classroom and the one about speaking are also excellent.

  3. OK, next time, before I post a comment, I’m going to look back and see that you’ve already done what I said to do. I like this guy.

  4. Yeah! Preach it bro. I taught for a season, I could totally identify. Kindergarten and first grade teachers should be paid more than a college professors who are supposed to teach a certian subject but instead smalk talk about Christians or men. They set the tone for the rest of their years in school.

  5. how is this ok? a little “bird” and a swear at the end? Are you serious? do we remember what that “little bird” means? And the last time I checked, that swear at the end pretty much ticks off the God that I love so much. So, no, this video is unacceptable and should be taken off of this site immediately. we cannot weaken our standards just because the world does! Why can’t we build up teachers and youth workers with the Word of God? “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!” That’s all the encouragement I need!!!!

  6. while this is true Jon, there is a difference between learning and conforming. Should I use profanity and obscene gestures during my message to pre-teens this Sunday? After all, they will be there to learn.

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