teenagers need how many hours of sleep each night?

German Sleepwalker Steps Out of 4th-Floor Window

A German teenager accidentally climbed out of a fourth-floor window and fell 10 meters to the ground where he kept on sleeping, albeit with a broken arm and leg.

A teenage sleepwalker stepped out of a fourth-storey window of his apartment and fell 10 meters to the ground, where he continued to sleep and was found by police.

The 17-year-old had just moved into a new flat in the eastern town of Demmin with his sister. He went walking on Sunday night and climbed out of the window after stepping on a cardboard box, police said.

His sister said her brother often sleepwalked. The boy hadn’t taken drugs or drunk any alcohol.

8 thoughts on “teenagers need how many hours of sleep each night?”

  1. Making any broad conclusion from a single incident is pure folly.

    If you read this article and were tempted to, you need to examine your control your preconceived ideas to have a truly open mind.

    btw, people DO sleepwalk for quite a number of reasons.

  2. wow…that is crazy! he kept sleeping? but, then again, its probably good that he did keep sleeping. who wants to wake up while falling toward the ground?

  3. Sorry Mark, I did not mean my comments to be directed to you personally, but instead to the type of people who might take such an incident, and then make an over-reaching broad reaction. I do not know you and have no reason to believe you would do that. I apologize for the bad wording in my response. For sure Mark, it was not meant to be a personal attack.

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