teens want the iphone more than a car

i was at an amusement park with my son the other day, and had my first live iphone spotting. and it was up against the head of a 10 or 11 year-old girl. she looked smug and proud, and i wanted her rollercoaster car to have some sort of an i-accident.

and now, despite the guru of future-tech-predictions, guy kawasaki, saying that teens would not buy iphones, along comes this:

Turns out, if you wanna be cool in 2007, personal transportation won’t make it happen. No, only 20% of the survey’s respondents said a car would impress their friends, down from 35% in 2000.

In 2007, it takes a different kind of mobility to boost cool. Mobile phones were the top desired possession among 16-29 year olds, with 32% saying one would impress their friends. Make it an iPhone, and, according to the researchers, that number almost doubles to 70%.

(ht to ypulse)

One thought on “teens want the iphone more than a car”

  1. Does this mean that today’s youth just assume they will get a car, therefore they didn’t rank it that high?

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