12 thoughts on “test of youth ministry calling”

  1. The singer is amazing to be able to make ANY kind of melody with the competing “music” in the background! Love the indignation of the rhythm guitarist that the singer doesn’t know her place to come in.

  2. That’s the essence of great youth’s ministry! Sadly, people cringe when it’s not perfect or polished. If more professionals would get off the stage, stop teaching the lesson, or quit planning the event, more youth would hone their abilities and reach their potential. Awesome, Marko!

  3. So is the test to see if you think it’s awesome and watched the whole thing because of its epicness (with a smile on your face)? Because I just did and realized yes, yes indeed I am still one with the youth ministers!

  4. This is now my Favorite Europe Song :-) What I loved the most is simply this: THEY DIDN’T GIVE UP!!! Imagine the how much they learned about themselves and risk taking here!

  5. terrible but we’ve all had worse….

    point made Yoda. When you know the students you just love anything they try. It’s exactly like when any of your children make crappy piece of macaroni “art”… that still sit proudly on my desk.

  6. I kept watching to see if they would all jump up together for a bring rock and roll finish. It always pays to tune first. Reminded me of a time I sang in a church talent show and the batteries in my cassette player started running out during the song. Priceless.

  7. Well, the Bible says to make a joyful noise. I’m proud of them for being up front showing their faith.

  8. I guess I’ve been to too many beginning band concerts…it wasn’t that painful
    mostly I thought
    – this isn’t the worst cover I’ve heard
    – at least they’re trying (between confused glares)

  9. but I’d argue appropriate responses would be:
    – laughing
    – humming along and/or joining in loudly on the chorus
    – forwarding it to all your friends
    – “enjoying” a failed but valiant attempt at a public showing
    – searching on the internet for pink electric guitars cause you want to unleash the JH girl rocker in you/your youth
    – thinking all they needed was a drummer

    inappropriate responses:
    – that’s the coolest song ever, what is that? I’ve never heard it
    – that’s why we shouldn’t let that devil music in the youth group
    – they should have gone with a nice little Lawrence Welk ditty

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