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here’s the thanksgiving note ys sent out from me (for my non-american friends, today is a national holiday in the states called thanksgiving):

Dear youth worker:

Last thanksgiving I was—I’ll admit—struggling to feel thankful. Maybe you’re in this space right now. Know what? God is not spooked by that, or disappointed in you, or frustrated that you don’t “get it”. Clearly, the 12 disciples struggled with this on a regular basis, and Jesus didn’t kick them out of the disciple club!

If you’re struggling to find thankfulness, please take care of your soul and find some space and time to be quiet this weekend. Sit with God; and allow God—without a big agenda on your part—to provide you with thankfulness. Let’s be honest—we can’t always muster it up on our own. God’s Spirit would love to cozy up to you in a place of quiet and reveal to you some reasons to be thankful.

This year, I have to say, I’m feeling way-thankful. I feel like my life is so wonderfully full of great stuff right now. My wife and children give me so much joy. My friends are so loving and caring. My spiritual community is so rich. My work is so fulfilling. And you youth workers continue to provide me with reason upon reason for joy and thankfulness. Your stories, your passion, your calling—they all fill me with a great hope. And, really, isn’t thankfulness intimately connected to hope?

I speak for all of us at Youth Specialties: we love you. We pray for you. We are committed to serving you and encouraging you (and occasionally providing a loving nudge). In that spirit of care and affection, we wish you a happy—no, that’s not it—a Hope-Filled Thanksgiving.


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  1. Marko, I am so thankful for you and ys and for all that you do for youth workers,youth and spirituality as a whole. I have been a pastor for 3 years now after 17 years in youth ministry, and I enjoy remaining connected to the bigger picture through ysmarko and ys. I thank God for the work you do!

  2. Marko, right now I am feeling particularly thankful for YS. Thank you (both individually and collectively) for putting together a fantastic conference in Atlanta that provided a place to meet with God, be refreshed, and receive a vision for the future of our ministry. Thank you for everything you do for us.

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