the 2011 Youth Ministry Coaching Program

“The YMCP has been more fruitful and transformational in my understanding of ministry and leadership than any of my seminary classes or youth ministry conferences I’ve attended to date. As a 17 year veteran of youth ministry, I cannot think of a better way to stretch your leadership quotient or challenge your personal ministry philosophy than a year invested in the YMCP.”
– Brian Berry, Journey Community Church, La Mesa, CA

“There are lots of places to learn about the ‘what’ or ‘how’ of youth ministry. Mark Oestreicher’s YMCP leaves you with such strong sense of ‘why’ that all the other questions seem to fall into place. By focusing on personal growth and values, the YMCP has left me with a fresh view of ministry, a dozen lifetime friendships, and a wealth of knowledge. Truly nothing I have done in my life has ever brought more healthy introspection and growth towards the future. If you are wondering if it is for you, the answer is yes.”
– Luke MacDonald, Harvest Bible Chapel, Rolling Meadows, IL

The Youth Ministry Coaching Program is a whole-life yearlong coaching program for youth workers. Deeply rooted in the idea that a healthy, growing, learning youth worker will stay longer and have a deeper impact for the Kingdom, YMCP constantly returns participants to the formation and expansion of personal and ministry core values.

The cohort approach allows for 360-degrees of input. The lead coach acts as facilitator and guide on this journey; but the other youth workers in the cohort will become friends and co-conspirators, as you will be for each of them. We’ll wrestle with a wide variety of youth ministry subjects, but will also process spiritual, relational, and emotional growth, in a context of safety, honesty, and real life application and accountability.

Previous participants have said that the presentations made by themselves and others were one of the most valuable aspects of the program, allowing them the opportunity to dig deep into a subject or practical matter of their choosing, but also modeling a process of speaking into other peoples’ lives.

Each cohort of 8 – 10 meets six times throughout the year (every other month). In between meetings, cohort members stay in contact with a closed facebook group, homework partners, and one-on-one phone calls with the lead coach. During each two day meeting, each participant also receives a one-on-one coaching session and a 50-minute spiritual direction session.

For 2011, YMCP is rolling out 7 cohorts. Here’s the list of these seven, with their meeting locations, starting months, and program fees:
• San Diego, beginning in May, lead by Mark Oestreicher ($3000)
• Nashville, beginning in October, lead by Mark Oestreicher ($3000)
• Chicago, beginning in September, lead by Ginny Olson ($3000)
• Greenwich, CT (NYC area), beginning in September, lead by Brock Morgan ($2200)
• Atlanta, beginning in September, lead by Paul Martin ($2200)
• Kansas City, beginning in October, lead by Chris Folmsbee ($3000)
• Calgary/Vancouver*, beginning in October, lead by Matt Wilks ($2500)

*The Canadian cohort will meet 3x in Calgary and 3x in Vancouver, and is open only to Canadians.

Each of the lead coaches have been carefully selected, and will receive supervision from Mark Oestreicher, ensuring that each cohort experiences a high level of quality and the values of the program.

For a full description of the program, including expected outcomes, overview of the 2-day meetings, and the application process, click here to download a pdf summary.
If you have any questions, please contact Mark Oestreicher.
If you’d like an application, please email Marko at [email protected]
click here to watch the promo video.

“If you’re looking for the absolute best experience in how to stretch you and your ministry then Marko’s YMCP is for you. I have learned more in the past year in this hands on approach than in 4 years of seminary and grad school. It has been the best thing I have done both personally and professionally.”
– Robb Gossen, Carthage Nazarene Church, Carthage, MO

“The Youth Ministry Coaching Program is more than learning how to lead a small group or finding out the 10 best ways to use a pool noodle. YMCP has been designed to sharpen, challenge and encourage you personally, professionally, spiritually and relationally. This holistic approach is what makes this experience unique and successful! YMCP challenged me down to my core and I am a better Youth Pastor because of it.”
– Nikki Lowery, First Baptist Church, Stockton, CA

“Being part of YMCP has helped me better understand my calling and role in ministry. It has been great to hear what others are doing and get input into how I can better address issues in my life and role in my church.”
– Danny Long, Jamul Community Church, Jamul, CA

“Even after one meeting, this program had made a significant difference in my personal and professional life. I have already addressed issues in my ministry that would not have been possible without this group. It is exciting to think about what this will mean to me personally and to the congregation I serve. I’m grateful to know that I will always have this group to lean on.”
– Glenn Meschko, St. Helena’s Episcopal Church, Boerne, TX

“Benefiting from the experience Marko brings to the group has been great. He has an ability to discern truth that is, frankly, amazing. Marko’s love for students and youth ministers is apparent. He believes in the value of youth ministers and has a passion for developing us into better leaders.”
– Chuck Hilman, Grace UMC, Geneseo, IL

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