the absurd goal: write a book this week

i’m behind schedule in my writing. kurt johnston and i have a deadline on march 1 (thursday) for the next two books in the middle school survival series: my friends and my school. i have my half of my friends finished — have had it done for a couple weeks. but i haven’t written a word of my school. kurt is in a similar pickle. he’s hoping that it’s no big deal to turn it in next monday, which would only be a few days late, and give him next weekend. my plan is to take today through wednesday as writing days (not go into the office, try to stay off email), and crank the book out. we’ll see if it’s possible to write my half of a book in three days!

day one of three, update:
i have to write 37 little chapters for my half of this book, plus an intro and two sidebars. this morning, i had nothing done. i now have 14 chapters written. pretty good start. if i keep this pace for two more days, i just might finish!

day two of three, update:
another 14 chapters written, for a current total of 28. tomorrow: 9 more chapters, 2 sidebars (“I was a middle school dork!”), and two intros (one for each book). breathlessly, i’m on target.

day three of three, update:
done! sent all 37 chapters, 2 sidebars, TOC, intro, dedication, acknowledgements, and instructions to my co-author, kurt. He’s going to finish his part and compile the pieces into one manuscipt this weekend. yee-ha! thank you lord. thanks to my family. thanks to the fine people of sony for my vaio. back to work at ys tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “the absurd goal: write a book this week”

  1. As the copyeditor assigned to work on these two books, I’m going to say two things to you right now:
    1) Write quickly.
    2) Write well.

    I only get two weeks to work on and finish my edit for BOTH of these books. (That is, if Urb finishes his edits on time.)

    Good luck! I know you can do it.

    Laura G.

  2. Hey come on Mark, you are the president, just change the due date. :) (I am sure it is not that easy)

  3. Are you kidding me? This is not a term paper to be done by drinking coffee and Red Bull alnight (as you can tell, I know absolutely nothing about this…). I’ll keep this in the back of my mind when reading that 35th, 36th…yes, even the famous 37th chapter. Wait…it’s a book for junior high students…so this includes pictures too right?

  4. emerging truth — dr. rah and i have had substantial email interaction, and have a phone call scheduled for this friday. we at YS have taken fairly drastic action to correct this horrible oversight in our publication. your post, however, is misinformed, wrong in its accusation of motives and malignment of character, and highly, highly unfortunate. i would be more than happy to chat with you on the phone, if you would like to call me at YS. i’ll be in the office thursday and friday. i am, by the way, planning on posting about this; but i’ve been waiting until after i speak with dr. rah.

  5. You are such a writing stud! Congrats if people knew you remotely they’d know you are always open for interaction over things they might disagree with or not understand from you or YS. good job bro, on modeling love, not the writing.

  6. Gosh, if I knew a book could be written in three days, I’d have started writing months ago. I could have my own commentary set by now!

    Good job, Mark.

  7. Mark
    i think it’s wise to post something substantive after you’ve spoken with dr. rah. yet, i think it would also be wise, and serve both you and others that have been extremely upset and hurt for you or someone to release a comment, blog post, or whatever simply indicating the situation, and some steps that will take place (like dialogue with dr. rah and others) towards remedy and reconciliaton. the less folks hear from you gives weight to the perception that folks at YS really have no idea how painful this could be for asian-americans.

    peace to you.

  8. Marko…How’s the writing going? It’s crunch time now I expect.

    In regards to the comments about emergingtruth I believe a response is warranted; however I would love to see this handled biblical (which I believe your doing) and not as “emergingtruth” is suggesting via his blog (“hold their feet to the fire”).

    Grace and Peace.

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