The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher

The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher: A Novel, by Rob Stennett

what? another cool christian fiction book? after reading my name is russell fink, i thought that might be it. but the zondervan acquisitions editor that worked on fink sent me ryan fisher, and told me i’d like it if i liked fink. he was right.

ryan fisher is a realtor in denver, struggling to make it work. channel surfing one night, he stumbles across some happy christians on late night tv, and thinks that they look like the kind of people who would like to buy and sell nice suburban starter homes. so he lists himself in the christian yellow pages with a christian fish in his ad, and his business explodes. only problem is, he’s not a christian. he’s a semi-athiest. not a hard core athiest; just a guy who doesn’t believe in god.

eventually, ryan and his wife have to start attending church in order to keep up the facade, and do a bit of covert research. in the context of attending a pop-megachurch, ryan has a vision for wealth as power (and, maybe, helping people as a side dish), if he becomes the pastor of a megachurch. so he and his wife move to a small town in oklahoma, and plant a church.

ryan is clueless about the bible, clueless about theology, clueless about worship music and preaching and all other aspects of churchianity. but, somehow, in the midst of his blundering, and in spite of his lie, he pulls it off. and the church explodes.

it’s painful to read at times, since the book is full of the kind of insider stuff that should make us wince. it’s also loaded with implications about church, power, worship styles, and what people are really looking for in a church. all of this has a bit of extra punch as you read with the knowledge that the author is the creative director at a large megachurch in colorado springs.

fun, and occasionally scary, read. and i loved that it didn’t end with a bow on it or ryan and his wife experiencing a last-chapter conversion (though he seems to be on the road, in an honest way).

6 thoughts on “The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher”

  1. Unfortunately Marko, I can’t agree with you on this one…I found this book idiotic and trite. It proved to me what many others have said about “Christian” fiction…it is poorly written and full of stuff that is unlikely and outrageous. It actually ended up putting down the church planting struggle…by making Ryan a “hero” in the church planting world slammed and trivialized those who are out there working the Kingdom with the depth of their hearts and souls. I hope this book just goes away! By the way, one suggestion for you – read “Rapture Ready”by Daniel Radosh…it is a much better.


  2. glad that robin offered some almost constructive criticism even though i strongly disagree with her! Robin, could really tell us how you felt? :) cheers.

  3. This is an excellent, fast-paced read… I read it in 5 hours over 2 plane rides. Couldn’t put it down.
    Interesting fact: with author Rob Stennett’s connections to New Life Church in Colorado Springs, he definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to megachurches…

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