the amazing bolivians “crack” me up

there is a good-sized group here from bolivia. and this tells something about what they are willing to do to be at this event: their bus ride from bolivia to mendoza, argentina, was three days long! they left on monday, and arrived thursday. straight through. and they have to do the same thing on the way home.

one of the leaders told me something (though an interpreter) that surprised me and totally “cracked” me up (because very little latin humor is course). he said, referring to their long bus ride: “we have a saying in bolivia that when you take a long bus ride, you have to carry a pen behind your ear.” he waited to see if i understood — which i clearly didn’t. he continued: “it’s so you can draw a new butt-crack when you reach your destination.”

those crazy bolivians.

One thought on “the amazing bolivians “crack” me up”

  1. I’ve done those bus rides … THEY ARE LOOOONG. And too bumpy to read. And people had their chickens on the bus. CHICKENS. I used to overdose on dramamin (motion sickness stuff) to knock myself out – otherwise I was bored out of my gourd.

    The Christians in Bolivia are amazing … I was always blown away by the sacrifices they are willing to make to reach the lost.

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