the apparent omnipresence of thom shultz

last summer, tic long and i stepped off a little boat in a river in botswana, africa, onto a dock at a restaurant where we were to have lunch. walking through the open-air restaurant, we passed a table where thom and joanie shultz were sitting, having lunch (thom and joanie are the owners of group publishing).

then, today after landing at washington, dc’s, dulles international airport, we were walking toward baggage claim and thom walked past me. i called his name, and we had a short chat. turns out he and joanie were on their way back from london.

weird. if i see him a third time somewhere, in the next 6 or 8 months, i might have to seriously freak out.

5 thoughts on “the apparent omnipresence of thom shultz”

  1. well, only one of us has to be in order to keep running into each other. and i’m pretty sure it’s not me! :o)

  2. I finished up Group’s VBS today. There are skits included that are done each morning that introduce the kids to the point of the day. I was reading over Thursday’s skit yesterday morning (nothing like waiting until the last minute) and noticed that the mean dog that was chasing Frieda was named, affectionately I’m sure, Marko. No kidding.

    I am sure Thom Shutlz has no idea, but it still would have been funny for you to give him a hard time about that.

    Have a great time in DC, I’ll be in Anaheim with my bunch in August.

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