the back of a napkin

The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures, by Dan Roam.

i was really disappointed with this book. i tend to be a visual guy, and had a high level of expectancy about how fun this book would be to read, and how helpful it would be. but i was bored — crazy bored. i could barely finish it.

there are some good ideas in the book, to be sure. but i found it horribly paradoxical that a book about using drawings would be so pickin’ linear. there were three steps for this, and 6 rules for that. i felt like i was reading a john maxwell leadership book! the cute little drawings on every page even got really old. tons of repeated info, and ‘no duh’ stuff also.

sorry, not a helpful book.

5 thoughts on “the back of a napkin”

  1. Funny, my experience with the book was really similar. I didn’t even finish it. I walked away with an “I totally love the concept, but not the process” experience.

  2. Pretty much what Kurt said is what I would have said: a great concept, but the steps make it too complicated. I didn’t finish it either. But I did effectively use stick figures to communicate a new vision to my volunteer youth staff, so something must have stuck with me.

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