the beauty of the sunday afternoon nap

when i was a kid, sunday afternoon naps were a regular fixture in our home. the whole family would go to church — all services, of course, including sunday school; then home for “dinner”. in my home, the sunday main meal was called dinner, and our evening meal (much lighter) was called “supper”. sunday evening is the only meal in our home referred to as supper.

after the dinner dishes were washed and put away, it was nap time. everyone to their own bedrooms for an hour or so.

i don’t remember exactly when this practice ended in our home. my guess is, it faded out when my older sisters wouldn’t tolerate it anymore.

i hardly ever nap these days, other than a bit on my plane flights. but once-in-a-while, a sunday afternoon nap really feels about perfect, as it did today. i was pretty tired from my weekend travels, and had a hard time staying awake during the sermon this morning. so, after lunch, i put in earplugs and covered my head with a pillow and fell off into slumberland. i’m not a 10-minute napper. when i nap, it’s AT LEAST for an hour. today was almost two hours.

there’s something almost liturgical about a sunday afternoon nap. it’s the transition point between one week and the next. it’s the “putting to bed” of what was; and, upon waking, the beginning of what might be. in my childhood home, sunday evenings, after the nap, were always low-key: it was one of the only times we might watch tv together, or play a game. it was low-key in a “lay low and conserve energy, because tomorrow morning we hit the streets hard, soldier” kind of way. tonite, my family has ordered carry-out chinese (i’m going to pick it up in a minute), and are going to watch a rented dvd together — the legend of zorro. tomorrow, we’re back to our various realities. the nap, though — that was the hinge-point of my weekend; or, more accurately, the hinge-point between two weeks.

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  1. Today was an awesome day for a nap! Here in Kansas it was overcast and rainy all day long. The pastor of a local church plant took us out for lunch after the service, and we came right home after that. We came in the house, and Jill and Aiden(our 2 year old) fell asleep in his room, and my daughter Maddy (3 yr. old) and I fell asleep on my bed. With the sound of the rain on the roof, we didn’t stand a chance…we slept for 2 1/2 hours!

    What a great day!

  2. Ah the Sunday afternoon nap! I can’t imagine life without it. I don’t think my family would survive without it! I think all pastors should be required to be partake in the “Sunday nap.”

  3. What about the Sunday Afternoon Delight? You married men know what I’m talking about….

  4. What about the Sunday Afternoon Delight? You married men know what I’m talking about….

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