the best of 2008: blogs

i have about 70 feeds in my bloglines these days, and normally check it a couple times a day (in addition to many more blogs i check in on from time to time). but, as is true with many blog readers, i don’t really read every post on all of them. i skim, and see if the posts catches my attention. if i find that i’m only skimming all the time, i remove them from my bloglines. so, the 70 (which are somewhat represented by this list, though i’ve updated it a bit since that time) are those that capture my interest most often.

that said, these are the handful that i have found myself consistently reading this year:

the emergent village blog. steve knight does an amazing job of gathering guest bloggers, and aggregating and reporting on stuff all around the emerging church world.

mark riddle’s blog. mark is really coming into his own as a thought leader in youth ministry.

ypulse. often more than i can digest, ypulse still provides a steady stream of excellent connections to media, marketing and research pertaining to teenagers.

fyi blog. the fuller youth institute’s re-formatted blog consistently has more research-based, meaty reflections on youth ministry than any other source on the internet.

adam mclane and the ys blog. both blogs are by ys staffer adam mclane. adam has done a great job of pulling in great content on the ys blog, and share a lot of his own stirrings on his own blog.

stuff christians like. jon acuff regularly has me chuckling.

neatorama. often overwhelming in quantity, neatorama is still my best source for fun and weird stuff on the internet. i finally added neatorama to my blog reader after heidi turner kept sending me stuff from it that i would repost.

indexed. jessica hagy simple 3×5 card drawings are often funny and often insightful.

my son max’s blog. max doesn’t post often, but i love it when he does.

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  1. Since you’re on the board of Emergent, you kinda have to list that one, right? But your encouraging words are appreciated anyway! ;-)

    Happy New Year,
    Steve K.

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