the best of 2008: family moments

i really enjoyed my family this past year (i mean, it’s not like i didn’t in 2007, and suddenly did in 2008!). and we all really enjoy being together. i don’t take that for granted, especially with a high schooler in the house. as i looked back over the year, these were some of the family highlights, in chronological order:

my grandma’s funeral in gulf shores, alabama. everyone in my mom’s extended family were there, and we really had a wonderful time together. it might seem weird to think of a funeral as a highlight; but my grandma was 92, loved by all of us, but ready to go. and while there were tears, there was also great joy.

a two night family get-away to crystal pier (fun old cottages out on a pier in san diego). we’ve done this a time or two before, and it’s always a great family bonding time.

spring break family vacation to some place in mexico (can’t remember what it was called). jeannie was sick much of the time, which was a bummer; but it was still a good time together in so many ways.

taking liesl to two days of moto x. it was nuts. fun daddy/daughter bonding.

my trip with jeannie to guatemala — and, specifically, to casa santo domingo in antigua, guatemala – was truly a highlight of the year. restful, beautiful, perfect.

this was the year of family pedicures. got ’em two or three times. big fun.

our short family trip to chicago, on the heels of my niece’s wedding. the wedding was a fun family reunion; then just the four of us tackled chicago in 2 1/2 fast and fun days.

our family trip to banff and radium hot springs, in canada. such a perfect vacation in so many ways. awesome memories.

liesl starting high school. holy cow.

finding and moving into our new house. specifically, i remember how excited the kids were when they first went through the empty house. and how fun it was to sleep in the house that first night, and how fun it was to walk into town the first time.

giving the kids their christmas gifts this year (a trip for max to london, with jeannie; and a trip for liesl to paris, with me). their giddiness was off the charts. it was fun for me and jeannie, who knew what we were giving each other, to find creative ways to package the gifts.

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