the best of 2008: favorite ysmarko posts

this is my final post in this ‘best of 2008’ series. as i looked back over my blogging from 2008, these were my favorite posts:

organizational thinking, part 2
horton hears a who and the culture of fear
my stake in the ground on male pronouns for god

ys stuff:
pittsburgh nywc, monday morning
the outrage, the injustice, the unfairness

youth ministry:
ah, 6th grade boys
my top youth ministry website picks

personal stuff:
things learned from my life on the rails
poser week
world youth day update, days 3 and 4
on worshipping as an other
great children’s song

most read (meaning, highest traffic; not necessarily my favorites):
so, the ys obama book
band name meme
worst christmas nativities
my stake in the ground on male pronouns for god

funny stuff:
cornel west and david crowder: twins seperated at birth?
one sentence true stories
small world awkwardness

also in this series:
the best books of 2008
the best tv and movies of 2008
the best music of 2008
the best blogs of 2008
the best family moments of 2008
the best ministry moments of 2008

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