the blitz

i’m in new york city right now — more specifically, queens. in a few minutes i’m going to attend the church service of a cool multi-ethnic church called new life fellowship. the senior pastor, coincidentally (since this isn’t why i’m here) is pete scazzero, author of the emotionally healthy church, published (also coincidentally) by zondervan (a.k.a. “mommy” or “daddy”, depending on the day).

yesterday, i presented the CORE for the first time this year in bath, new york, a small town (really small town!) in the middle of the state. then i drove back up to rochester and flew down here. i’m presenting the CORE at new life this afternoon here in NYC this afternoon.

after flying home tomorrow (monday), jeannie and the kids and i fly on tuesday to new zealand. we’ve been looking forward to this trip for a long time. i’m speaking at a camp for 5 days, and the generous organizers are flying my whole family over, plus giving us a week in a beach house. so we’ll spend a day in auckland, a week at the beach house, five days at the camp, then we’re flying to the south island for four days.

we fly home to san diego on april 12. then, on the 13th, i fly to atlanta for another jh believe event. from atlanta, i head north to philly, for the emergent board meeting and philosophical discussion. finally home the evening of the 17. so my next day in the office is wednesday, april 18.

luckily, some of this run involves me sitting in a beach house in new zealand doing close to nothing!

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  1. how cool…i spent a summer as an intern as part of a josiah project team (through rock the world) at that same church! small world…


  2. good read that “emotionally healthy church”. love to hear more about the church up in queens. have fun in “middle earth”

  3. Yes, Bath NY is a very small town!! Western NY is full of great little towns!! Glad you could visit–I heard the promotions on FLN radio station but could not attend. Hope it went well and hope you enjoyed western NY!

  4. wow. how fun does this sound. Enjoy the season. Post some pics of New Zealand. That’s a dream destination for me. 3 cheers for ministry with the family too.

  5. We’ll have to meet at the Philosophical Conversation. I’ll be there too. I work with Kenda Creasy Dean at Princeton. I’ll look for you. Although…I’m not that hard to spot either. I’m 6’5” and not Doug Pagitt. Look forward to meeting you. We’ll have to hang out sometime over the conference if you’re not overbooked as it is. Drop me an e-mail if that sounds cool.


  6. Just to second…”The Emotionally Healthy Church” is an awesome read for anyone in church leadership. And those that are not.

  7. Marko, we just finished up our first Generacion Lideres (the Core in Spanish) with Lucas this past weekend. We had over 300 youth leaders and pastors in a city about 6 hours south of Santiago. It was awesome!!!

  8. Are there dvds of the Core for purchase? I missed it on Sunday because I was sick =0(.

  9. i’m the middle of reading scazzero’s follow-up book, “emotionally healthy spirituality.” it’s as awesome as the church-oriented one, but seems even more approachable for folks sittin’ out in the pews.

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