the constant gardner

jeannie and i just went to see the constant gardner. what a great flick. there’s really something for everyone in this film — intrigue, action, love and the pain-sometimes-involved, foreign policy, africa… did i mention intrigue? it’s wild to watch ralph fiennes in such an uptight straigh-man role (as many of his are these days) and remember that we first got to know him as the fat a-moral evil nazi in schindler’s list. he does much less scratching and burping in this current role.

i couldn’t just watch it as entertainment, now that i’ve been to africa two times. the primary kenyan slum in the movie is one karla yaconelli just showed us pics of this past week at an all staff meeting. she’d been there this past july to meet her compassion kid.

anyhow, highly recommended movie. multiple thumbs up. and all that.

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