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core2.jpga couple weeks ago, i was in reno for the premiere of our half-day training seminar for youth workers, called “the core”. we have had this crazy notion of creating all new content, complete with media support, for each year. it’s a bear! i’m usually jazzed about each year’s content. but i have to say, i’m SO STOKED about this year. i just think it’s some of the most helpful content we’ve ever created — something that every single paid or volunteer youth workers would benefit from.core1.jpg

the helping hurting kids theme is so timely. it just seems like there are more and more hurting kids these days, more than ever. and i’ll be honest, i don’t have a clue what the real issues are surrounding cutting. and there are so many other issues like that.

this day gives youth workers a massive dose of understanding, along with wonderful coaching about how our role is to be shepherds, not therapists. i so wish i’d been exposed to this day of training years ago. and i can’t wait to go out and present this content to 20,000 youth workers all over the country.

here’s the core website, where you can check out the outline for the day, the training team, the locations, and more.

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  1. I had no clue about the importance of this issue concering cutting, until i saw all the t-shirts of “to write love on her arms” and finally met the founders at Cornerstone last year. Check it out:
    Greetings from Germany. Sandra

  2. I am anxious to see this stuff. I wish that I were able to use it in my daily work (I am a psychiatric nurse). There are gazillions of teens hurting, and the cutting is just the tip of the iceberg. I see it every day, and it breaks my heart. Thanks to you guys for helping more people know how to address these tough issues.

  3. I’m hoping to make it to one of the Colorado sessions. I am super excited about the focus this year, it’s right in line with my passion. This post from you reminded me to add it to the calendar, thanks. :)

  4. I’m excited as well for the session- it’ll be interesting to see how much they can pack into a short time span. I think it’s going to be fantastic.

  5. This sounds like great stuff. Much needed in service to our students! I just wish there was a way to get it to Hong Kong!

    Thanks for addressing such a big issue!

  6. Marko and the Core Team,

    I will be attending the Detroit session (bummed that Marko won’t be in his hometown) :) I’m really excited about this for me and my team. We live in a very affluent smaller Michigan city and I believe “our” kids are hurting but there is such a pressure to be successful that they feel that nobody is struggling like them.

    Marko any possiblity of YS comping me a flight to Hawaii so that I can sit in on a session with you. Let me know. LOL

  7. My wife and I will be at the Minneapolis CORE event. Hopefully we’ll be bringing some youth volunteers from our new church there, as well.

  8. Hi Mark. I’ll be at the Core in NYC in March and am mad frickity excited to hear you speak there! =0) I recently started teaching in an org devoted to improving the lives of troubled youth and their families and am really interested in this year’s content.

    BTW, it would be awesome if YS went to Hong Kong. I’d go there for training during my vacation =0) hehehe.

    ~Perrier (yes, like the sparkling mineral water)

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