the cost of raising children

MSN Money has a table showing the cost of raising a child to the age of 18, based on a survey by the US government from 1990-92 (in 2001 dollars):


this is only to the age of 18; so cost of college, or kids who live at home for another 10 years, is not included. and, of course, if you look closer at the numbers, a number of things are totally skewed for long-ago costs, like the cost of healthcare and childcare. in other words, kids are only MORE expensive now!

7 thoughts on “the cost of raising children”

  1. OK. I didn’t read this post at all. And I’m not going to. My wife and I are planning to start a family and frankly I have no desire to know exactly how much it’ll cost!

  2. yes, but at least your kids will be around to take care of you, and laugh at your farts in your old age . . .

  3. You know I looked at that and then I figured out what the income was over those years. if I am spending say, oh $300,000 to raise a child but I am taking in on average $80k a year over that time, that is over 1.4 million dollars. That takes to bite out of raising that bundle of joy.

  4. My oldest is 7, we have already passed the mark probably with the cost of washing his bedding and feeding him. Plus with the cost of gas, it’s probably tripled the mark.

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