the cry of haiti: “please help us”

today, a few of us were in one of the hundreds of tent communities that have sprung up in and around port-au-prince. we met with a group of about 40 people (though thousands live in the community and the one next to it), listened to their stories, hopes and needs. even in the midst of such great loss and devastation, they possessed joy. they mentioned that no relief had come their way — no water, no food, no tents (their “tents” were sheets hung on sticks and wires). when i asked how they were surviving without food and water, the pastor i was speaking with said, “we’re not.” they are starving and desperate, yet still hopeful.

at that point, i had a crazy idea. i asked the pastor if he thought it would be ok to have the group of 40 shout “please help us” in english for our video camera. he turned to them and asked them, and they all loved the idea. they started practicing how to say “please help us” in english, which was actually another great moment of joy amidst the hardship.

later, we were able to bring them some water and a small amount of bread. but we’re trying to connect with NGOs and american news agencies in haiti to see if we can do something to help the people in this one-of-many situation where no help has arrived.

please link to this, tweet this, facebook this, and help us get the word out that there is still SO MUCH need in haiti. we’re asking people to call out @andersoncooper on twitter, imploring him to show up at 9am tomorrow (monday, feb 15) when we reconvene at this community. join us, and let’s see what happens!

4 thoughts on “the cry of haiti: “please help us””

  1. That’s right, guys! Don’t give up!
    I got to know your campaign through @jarsofclay and @cdlowell and I tweeted it in portuguese. I hope it may help it somehow.

    God bless you all and keep strong!
    Manuela Moraes, from Brazil.

  2. Just over a month ago, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake – over 2 million desperately need of food assistance to rebuild their lives. The World Food Programme was there before the quake, and they’ll be there afterwards. If you want to help you should go to: or text FRIENDS to 90999 to make a $5 donation

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