the day of travel to which i do not look forward

scrambly syntax on that subject line sentence. because, i think, should i arrive in grand rapids tonite as planned, that sentence will be a good metaphor for how i’ll feel.

this morning, after a time change that cost me and max an hour of sleep, we’re waking up in st. louis at 4:30am (which is 2:30am to our california bodies — actually, 1:30am, given the time change). i need to get to grand rapids by tonite. but i need to get max home. so we’ll leave our hotel at 5am, drive to the airport and return our rental car, fly at 6:20am, through denver, to san diego, theoretically arriving at 9:55am cali time. i’ll walk max out to the curb, where jeannie will be waiting. kiss, kiss, and back into the airport, for my 11:00 flight through chicago, to detroit (flights into grand rapids today were crazy expensive for some reason). land in detroit, theoretically, at 9:30pm, get my rental car, and drive a little over 2 hours to grand rapids.

there is so much opportunity for derailment in this ridiculous plan.

5 thoughts on “the day of travel to which i do not look forward”

  1. But, all this extra effort is worth it to ensure the safety of your son an a couple of extra hours of 1-on-1 time with him on the plane.

  2. If you have any time while you are in Chicago tonight, we should hang out. Get a bite to eat, catch a movie, walk along the lake front. What time should I pick you up at O’Hare?

  3. makro,

    someday it would be cool to meet for coffee when you’re here in grand rapids. the last time i had lunch with you was in 1997 in pasadena. once a decade would be nice!

    plus, just so you know, once you left grand rapids last time, the smell at zondervan went away. hmm…

    pax: ty

  4. So that you feel more welcome, we’re trying to melt all the snow for you before you get here. Its raining now.

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