the geography of the seven deadly sins

neatorama reported on a kansas state university map plotting project, showing concentrations, county by county, of the seven deadly sins.

Geographers from Kansas State University have plotted the seven deadly sins of the nation. They began with Nevada only, but expanded the project for the entire United States, using statistics for each county on crime, income, STDs, and other data. They call it “a precision party trick — rigorous mapping of ridiculous data.”

here’s the link for the article on this in the las vegas sun; and here’s the link for all seven maps.

my state didn’t do so bad on some of them, but we were clearly horrible on greed:


2 thoughts on “the geography of the seven deadly sins”

  1. not just your state on greed – your county too!

    of course, it’s one of the best in regard to envy

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